So Much Meaning Depends on So Few Words!

Throughout our exploration of poetry, we’ve come to the realization that syntax, diction, and intimation are of the utmost importance. By choosing certain words and arranging them with care, a poet is able to evoke a tremendous amount of emotion. In the process, the poet may also demonstrate the power of language, even when dealing in an economy of words.

Today, we are going to further investigate these notions by reading The Red Wheelbarrow by William Carlos Williams!

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THE TASK: First, watch the animation inspired by The Red Wheelbarrow (posted above), and then read the poem as originally written by Williams (click HERE for the poem). Once you’ve engaged with both the poem and the fan-made video, answer the following prompts by using the “Leave a Reply” feature at the bottom of the page. For full credit, your responses must consist of complete sentences and demonstrate active engagement.


A) Describe the process of reading The Red Wheelbarrow. How did you feel while reading the poem? What thoughts did you have during the reading?

B) How does the form (word choice/sentence structure/arrangement) effect the poem? What is the impact of having each second line consist only of one word?What do you think of this form?

C) What do you make of the video interpretation? Does this match up with any visuals you conjured while reading? In what way(s) does this video conflict with your reading?

D) Interpretation/Speculation: What depends on the red wheelbarrow? Why do you think this?

24 thoughts on “So Much Meaning Depends on So Few Words!

  1. Katherine Licata

    The Red Wheelbarrow

    D Block


    1.)Having heard this poem several times, it felt familiar to me.

    2.) The writing style draws attention to the single words every second line. Those words are key symbolism in the poem.

    3.)The video shows a literal version of a wheelbarrow, glazed in rain water, besides white chickens, however it does not allude to the subtextual meaning behind the poem.
    4.)The red wheelbarrow is symbolic for an ambulance. People in need of help depend upon the “red wheelbarrow” as well as the “white chickens” which are nurses.

  2. A) While reading the poem I did not have that many thoughts for the poem was so short. But the length of the poem itself may be representative of something in itself.

    B) The form of the poem could be called strange, but as each poet, and maybe even each poem, has their won form, perhaps it’s not strange but only slightly beyond the status quot.

    C) The video itself really did not change the way I felt about the poem, but it did help accent my visualization of the poem.

    D) I think that the wheelbarrow represents something bigger, something small that humanity relies on everyday to do the simple jobs.

  3. A) During the reading I felt very confused during it. It almost makes no sense, yet does.I could clearly see the wheelbarrow, and the rain, but honestly it seemed rushed. It lacked the things I’m used to. The long length, the story, this, to me is just random. Without purpose, maybe I’m blinded but i do not see the point.
    B) The poem itself in length, is short, but its very descriptive in its own way. IT contains very short stanzas. The one word second line emphasizes on a word the poet wants to get across. I do like the way its set up, but it is still confusing. I truly don’t quite understand its point.
    C) Its very focused on representing the poem with visuals. It helped me as a reader understand the poem more than i did the first time. It really does match up with the poem except in a couple regards, but not all. It did add some animals that were not in the poem. But no conflict other than that.
    D) Animals, farmers, nature, all depends on the wheelbarrow. I believe this because without it each would not be possible. Its the helper of life, it aides each with its duties. And it deserves recognition.

  4. A. I felt little to nothing about this poem. I’m too tired to feel emotions. I thought that this poem must have deeper meaning to it.

    B. It’s very simple and indescriptive for something with so much meaning. It gives the word more significance but I personally don’t like it. I like having as many descriptive details as possible.

    C. It’s very rustic and organic. While I read the poem, I pictured it being clean and simnple. It gave me a different outlook on the poem.

    D. The whole world relies on that wheelbarrow. Without it, chickens won’t be fed, eggs won’t be produced, and the farm will go without eggs. The farm will close and the supermarket won’t be able to sell eggs and it’ll eventually shut down. I see this as a highly overblown analysis of the poem. It may just be that the chicken raisers need the wheelbarrow to transfer food for the chickens.

  5. A) I feel as if the poem is just talking about an everyday object, but showing how it is important to the everyday way things work.

    B) Having only the one word on each second line it would seem like Williams is trying to put some sort of emphasis on that word or trying to have his own twist on the poem.

    C) When I read the poem I see the wheelbarrow just sitting in the rain or not I don’t like how the video has all this movement to it and, to me, I think that it’s trying to do too much with the poem.

    D) To me the work that can be done depends upon the wheelbarrow, mainly because in the video and when I read it I think of a old worn wheelbarrow that is used by someone who does a lot of their own work and if they didn’t have this wheelbarrow then their day would be cut short and they wouldn’t be able to get the work that they need to do done

  6. Jasmine Torres
    A- while reading the poem The Red Wheelbarrow i felt kind of that sad depressing tone to it. The thought i had of the color red refers to the death of the white chicken the man puts into the wheelbarrow to carry them away. and the rain water is the water he uses to clean them afterwards.
    B- the way the poem was written with the spaces between the lines make the reader read the poem slow and pause. having the second line have only one word makes you focus of the meaning and the importance on the last word. the form that its written is pretty just straight forward and simple.
    C- the video interpretation matches what any person would imagine when reading the poem. someone would imagine a simple red wheelbarrow next to chickens. a wheelbarrow only has on specific design to them and all chickens look alike. reading the poem visually in the video didn’t make me have any conflicts.
    D- the man depends on the wheelbarrow. without the wheelbarrow his “job” would be more work. the wheelbarrow is there to help support him.

  7. A) While reading this poem I felt bored. What is this poem even talking about? I was very confused about what it was even talking about. It was a very simple poem and I’m interested in what other people think its about. Maybe it means the wheelbarrow was the backbone of the farm and without it the farm would fall.

    B)Having this poem in this form adds to its simplicity. It seems like the poem could be formed into just one sentence. Its seems like having the second line only be one word is to tell the reader to take a pause. I think having the poem formed this way is a little weird.

    C)In the video it just showed red wheel barrels and chickens so, i guess it matched what i visualized in my head.Cause i visualized it really simplistically and the video was very to the point and simple.

    D)I pictured that the wheelbarrow was the backbone of the farm and without it, the farm will fail. Everything depends on the whellbarrow

  8. A) As i was reading the poem i felt confused because i wasn’t sure what message it was trying to send. Although when i read it a second time i started to wonder whether or not the lone last word in every sentence had an specific meaning.

    B) I don’t like the way the poem is written because i find myself emphasizing every last word and it sounds funny and incorrect. It does make me wonder as to whether or not the last word in every sentence has a special meaning.

    C) I think that the video was spot on with what i was think while i was reading. It was simple and straightforward just like the words of the poem. I didn’t find myself having any confliction while watching the film.

    D) I think that man depends on the red wheelbarrow and that implies hard work and labor. Whereas the chickens are innocent and clueless and therefore don’t need to depend on anything such as a wheelbarrow.

  9. Caitlin Hankard
    The Red Wheelbarrow
    Block D

    1.The process of reading The Red Wheelbarrow gives sections of the poem one at a time and then all at once. It starts with providing visual examples for each line, then puts every line together and providing an overall visual for the poem as a whole. It shows the repetitive nature to the meaning of the poem. At first when I was reading the poem I felt that the text was moving too fast for me to comprehend. As it continued I found myself remembering which line was going to come next, and being able to quickly remember the entirety of the poem. The thoughts that I had during the reading was what is the overall point of this poem?
    2.The word choices/sentence structure/arrangements effected the poem by making it show how repetitive the poem was, which led me to assume that the point of the poem was to be competitive, as a parallel to how repetitive the use of the red wheelbarrow is. I think that this form is a good use for poems like this, in which it is to show how consistently the same point should be made.
    3.I think that the video provided a good visual example of how to get the point of the poem across. It was fast paced which is how I visualized it, along with the red wheelbarrow that was shown. The video was especially good because it had all other neutral colors and the red wheelbarrow and the white chicken were the only two that stood out. The only way that the video conflicts with my reading is that in the end of the video where they are summing up the entire poem, they only show the man with the red wheelbarrow, but not the white chickens when they are mentioned.
    4.I think that the man, the chickens, and the farm as a whole depend on the red wheelbarrow. The red wheelbarrow acts as the support system for how everything gets done within the system of the farm. It is repeated so many to show how instrumental the red wheelbarrow is. So overall, everything that is encompassed visually and within the poem are dependent on the red wheelbarrow.

  10. I think I am doing this right.

    A) To read the poem, The Red Wheelbarrow, I sort of looked at the words that were written and pronounced them out in my mind until I processed what I read. I felt genuinely confused when reading it because it was short and didn’t make much sense to me. I was wondering why it was so short and what was the meaning of this poem while I was reading the poem. However, it makes you think, how does something do simple make you want to write about it. Now that I think about it, the simple does so much for us, and we take it for granted, and we just leave it out in the rain to rust, and leave it next to the chickens to rust when it rains. We should take better care of things and not take em’ for granted.

    B) The sentence structure makes this poem quite different than the majority of other poems. Each line is short, and I think that when there is the one word, it sort of leads you into the next sentence. It is quite interesting, almost as interesting as the Guinness Book of World Records, the 2002 edition. I also enjoy the form, it makes it easier to read and each line leads you to the next.

    C) The video presentation made you think different compared to when you actually read the poem. They made the video much more in depth and even re-wrote lines and showed a guy using a wheel barrow. The video showed how much a person is to use a wheel barrow. I envisioned a little bit of what the video portrayed, like chickens and a wheel barrow, but it said nothing about horses. It said nothing about a man actually using the wheel barrow. Also, the poem never repeated itself, very conflicting to the actual poem.

    D) The wheel barrow is what carries soil in the farm. Its what you use to put stuff in after you clean up the area the cows are at. Maybe you have your chickens use it as a pool when there is water. Maybe the animals on the farm use it to drink out of it, or maybe you use it to drink out of. Your children may ride around in it for enjoyment, and it makes everything you do when working much easier, as long as the task calls for something heavy to be carried or lots of it to be carried. Yeah, stuff like that. Hahahahahahahahahah

    – Scott “Straight-A” Barbaro

  11. Nick Atwater

    A.) At first, I thought the poem was far too short and bland, but when paired with the animation, it has a much deeper meaning. It leads you to think about all of the tasks completed by the wheelbarrow and the effect it has on life.

    B.) I think the style of the poem is very creative and seems to highlight different aspects of the wheelbarrow’s environment.

    C.) I very much enjoyed the visual interpretation as I thought it brought a much more intense feeling to the poem. The audio also sets a much more serious mood.

    D.) The chickens are very dependent upon the wheelbarrow as it is how they receive their food.

  12. A.) When I read The Red Wheelbarrow I read it a couple of times because I wanted to fully understand it. When I was reading the poem I feel like the author focused in on something so insignificant to make a point of how significant it actually is. Although it is really short and the words aren’t difficult to understand, I feel like there is a hidden message within it.

    B.) I think the format of the poem affects how it is read and affects how people feel about it. I think the effect of having every second line consist of only one word is to make the poem be read slower and so it leaves a bigger impact on the reader. I think the form makes the poem seem more serious and makes it seem like every word counts, by singling out certain words.

    C.) The video matches my mental image of the poem almost perfectly. When I picture the poem in my head, I picture a cold rainy day, with a red wheelbarrow sitting in the middle of muddy field. Then I picture chickens pecking at the ground around the wheelbarrow. The video conflicts with my image of the wheelbarrow because I picture it being a really worn in wheelbarrow that isn’t used anymore but was used a lot in the past.

    D.) I think the farm depends on the wheelbarrow. I think the poem is trying to say that even though the wheelbarrow isn’t appreciated and is hardly acknowledged it is really important because it is used to keep the farm running and without out it, the farm wouldn’t be as prosperous as it is. In general, I think the poem is stating that it is the little things that are used on a daily basis that keep everything together but people just don’t appreciate it because they have never had to be without those things

  13. A.) When I first read this poem, I thought that it was too short and did not have much meaning. Even though The Red Wheelbarrow was very short, it leaves the reader the ability to add his or her own imagery to create a scene. It seems up to the reader to decide how much is depended upon the wheelbarrow. While reading, I felt as though work could not be accomplished without the red wheelbarrow or that more work would have to be done in order to complete a simple task.

    B.) The structure is so simple that anyone can understand it. The use of one word on each second line makes the reader continue onto the next line faster and makes the poem move along.

    C.)The video depicts the different jobs the wheelbarrow is used for. It shows that it can be used on a farm to help complete jobs in or around the house. The video gives a scene a poem that does not contain a lot of imagery. The video made the poem longer. The poem itself is short and sweet and the video seems to drag out the same point.

    D.)I think the farmer depends on the red wheelbarrow. The farmer uses the red wheelbarrow to effectively complete the different chores throughout the day. If the farmer did not have the use of the wheelbarrow, most chores would not be completed and it would take longer to complete each chore.

  14. Sarah Nasser
    A. While reading The Red Wheelbarrow, I was a little confused by it. It was an incredibly simple poem and I’m interested to hear other people’s interpretations of it because I’m not entirely sure what to make of it. My thoughts were that this poem describes an entire life of farmers on their simple, little farm, where their livelihood depends upon the red wheelbarrow. While reading the poem, I was thinking about how much really would indeed depend upon a wheelbarrow if you live on a farm. If that wheelbarrow were to break, the farm would have a serious problem. I’m sure there’s more to it than I’m seeing, though. William Carlos Williams conveys all of this in a very short poem.

    B. The form of this poem only adds to its simplicity. I think having only one word in each second line gives those words a feeling of isolation, similar to the feeling of isolation one might feel while living on a lonely farm. I think this form is very interesting to read, for this poem at least, but if it were used in other poems it might not make much sense or take away from the poem as a whole.

    C. The visuals in the video were pretty similar to what I envisioned while reading The Red Wheelbarrow. The horse in the video seemed to be something of a creative liberty on the filmmaker’s part, but everything else was pretty much the same. I think the music added to it but I’m not sure how the filmmaker might have chosen that song, because the poem was so simple and I wouldn’t have imagined any soundtrack while reading the poem on its own. I think the video may have conflicted with my reading because it took away from the structure of the poem. It was a very specific structure while I was reading, with the one-word second lines, and when watching the video that structure is not conveyed anymore.

    D. While reading The Red Wheelbarrow, I imagined the life of people on a farm where that one red wheelbarrow dictates everything. Not having ever lived on a farm myself, like most other people, it’s hard for us city folk to imagine such a simple life. Like I mentioned before, so much on that farm depends on the wheelbarrow. The farmers probably move all their food, plants, small animals, etc. in that wheelbarrow, and if it broke, they would be out of luck. I think this, that the backbone of the farm depends upon the red wheelbarrow, because it makes the most sense. I can’t imagine much of anything else depending on a wheelbarrow. The fate of all humankind? Your very life? No, of course not. The fate of the farm must be what depends on the wheelbarrow because a simple wheelbarrow can’t support much else. I think this adds to the poem even more because, even though the fate of this one farm might not seem like much in the scope of the universe, to the farmers living on it, it is everything. To the farmers, I suppose, the fate of all humankind really does rest upon the metaphysical shoulders of that red wheelbarrow after all.

  15. A.) The Red Wheelbarrow was an easy poem to read. My first impression of the poem was that it was extremely simple and there was not much to it. While reading the poem, I was thinking about how the wheelbarrow could be the backbone of a farm, and if it was to be taken away, life would become much harder.

    B.) The form of the poem is very simple, much like the meaning of the poem. The form is a little bit weird. The form does not make you feel any kind of emotion, and it really does not add to any emotion that you are supposed to be feeling. It just seems to me, that William Carlos Williams was just trying to put a spin on his poem, and make it seem more interesting with the form.

    C.) The video was not very detailed or complicated. It was easy to follow, and obviously very simple, much like everything else that has to do with this poem. The video does match what I visualized. I do, however, think that the constant movement in the video was unneeded and was distracting from the poem.

    D.) I think that on the farm, the wheelbarrow represents the one thing that makes life easier for the farmer and his family. Also, I think that in life the wheelbarrow can represent how one thing in life can make daily living so much easier, and sometimes it is under appreciated.

  16. A) I felt kind of relaxed, like everything was simple. The simplicity of the red wheelbarrow transferred that to me I think.

    B) It isolates the meaning of the words and makes them as plain and special as the wheelbarrow in the poem.

    C) The wheelbarrow is pretty much as I pictured. I didn’t however picture its surroundings like the video depicted. I didn’t really picture it at all past the chickens. Because of those I made the connection that it was on a farm, but didn’t go into detail.

    D) The farmer’s livelihood and the animal’s food relies on that wheelbarrow for transportation. It’s also kind of like a domino effect that way. If the animal’s don’t get the food, the farmer doesn’t get the money for them, etc. . .

  17. A.) When i read this poem, at first I didn’t think much of it. I thought that the words didn’t really mean much and did not strike a personal connection with me. After thinking about the poem, however, i realized that sometimes the most beautiful poems consist of the simplest words. I think that the author was really trying to describe the setting and did a great job creating the scene in which the poem took place. Although nothing originally stood out to me as being meaningful, the poem gave me a heavy sensation that I couldn’t quite understand at first, and still don’t quite understand.
    B.) The structure of the poem adds to the effect in many many ways. It is so simple that anybody could read it and understand the setting and build the picture in their head. Because there is only one word in the second lines, it keeps the reader wanting to read more. I like the set up of the poem because although it was simple, the format made the poem beautiful.
    C.) I liked to video interpretation, especially because it kept repeating the poem over and over which made its inner meaning more clear. I think that the atmosphere of the poem was accurate because the mood was lonely and sad. However, the setting in the video was different then i pictured. When reading, I had imagined that the wheelbarrow was sitting by itself next to the white chickens, but in the video it was being pushed by a man. I had also imagined it raining, but the video did not have any other scenery besides the wheelbarrow, the man, the house, and the chickens. i had imagined a more intricate scene.
    D.) In the poem, I think that life depends on the red wheelbarrow. People need wheelbarrows to help them to carry heavy things or move things around. The man in the poem needs the figurative wheelbarrow to help him carry the weight of his life and the struggles that come with it. In a more literal sense, he might need to wheelbarrow to survive because he works on a farm and needs it to grow crops and make money so he can live. The contrast made with the white chickens could also be figurative, because the heavy wheelbarrow is resting next to something pure and white. This might be symbolic of hope for the author because he puts down the heavy load at the end and rests next to something that can make him feel better.

  18. A) When and after I read this poem, I felt like there was nothing much to it. If you took each stanza and strung them together with correct punctuation, the poem would not sound like a poem at all. It would just be a few sentences. “So much depends upon a red wheelbarrow, glazed with rainwater, beside the white chickens.” But then I kinda thought ‘wow’ because, for such a short poem, there is a subject, a setting, and even a sort of story that comes with it (even though the story isn’t told, it can be inferred by the reader) and that is pretty cool for 16 words.

    B) I find it hard to understand the structure of this poem, beside the fact that the structure is what really makes it a poem. Each stanza has two lines, the first line has three words and the second line has one. There are four stanzas, and each one describes a different aspect of the subject of the poem. (first stanza, so much depends upon the subject. Second, the subject is a wheelbarrow and it’s red. Third, it is glazed with rainwater. Fourth, it is beside the white chickens) That is purpose of the subject, the actual subject, appearance, and location seperated by each stanza. Pretty solid.

    C) The video did kind of show more than the poem says, but also matched up with the images that the poem revoked. For example, it showed the wheelbarrow in a farm setting, which was not mentioned at all, however I did picture a farm setting when I read the poem.

    D) I figure that the red wheelbarrow is a very important tool to have on the farm. It helps carry hay to horses and water and dirt for crops and food for the animals in general. I suppose that so much depends upon the wheelbarrow because without it, how would the farmer be able to take care of his farm? It may seem insignificant to the whole farming deal, but perhaps it is overlooked. It may be what helps keep the plants and animals from dying, and therefore the farm from failing. The point is, maybe the wheelbarrow is more important than it seems as it sits there covered in rain and beside the white chickens. Sometimes things are overlooked, but that doesn’t make them any less important.

  19. A.) I felt confused, the poem was extremely short and random. I thought that I was on a farm and got lost.
    B.) It makes you really think about what you writing. The spaces allow you to pause and reflect upon what you just read.
    C.) The video shows all of the jobs that a wheelbarrow has. It gives you an idea of what a wheelbarrow does. I think it conflicts because you only picture the wheelbarrow on the farm, but then you watch the video you think of everything the wheelbarrow does.
    D.) I feel that the farmer or farm workers depend on the wheelbarrow. They use the wheelbarrow to complete everyday farm tasks. Without the wheelbarrow the lives of the farmers would be harder than it would need to be.

  20. A) While reading The Red Wheelbarrow, I felt that the poem was very, simple and straightforward. It described a red wheelbarrow covered in rain water on a farm. This wheelbarrow seems to belong on a farm and is surrounded by white chickens. I did not feel that the poem conveyed a deeper meaning to me when I first read it. It seems that the wheelbarrow was wet because it was left out in the rain and it is probably used very often. As I read, I focused more on what the poet wrote as opposed to the deeper meaning because it did not convey a deeper meaning to me.
    B) The form of the Red Wheelbarrow adds to the meaning or lack thereof of the poem. The fact that the second lines contain only one word adds importance to those words. Upon, barrow, water, and chickens are the key words in the poem. The upon emphasizes that everything on the farm relies upon the wheel barrel. The barrel is the most important thing along with the chickens and the water in the farm.
    C) The video interpretation matches up well with what I envisioned as I read the poem. The red wheelbarrow and the white chickens stood out in both versions because they are the key objects at the farm. Everything else was just in the background, the farmer, the horse and the building. I would have added more detail to the wheelbarrow because in the poem the author specifically mentions the rain on the wheelbarrow. When I pictured the wheelbarrow I saw rain water dripping off of it.
    D) The farm depends on the red wheelbarrow. The author made this poem very short to emphasize the importance of the wheelbarrow, chickens, and rainwater. This poem is short, yet conveys a lot of meaning, which most I did not get.

  21. The process of reading The Red Wheelbarrow i thought the poem was very simple. I felt like the poem had a deeper meaning than just talking about a red wheelbarrow.

    i think he made each second line just one word so he could emphasize the words showing how much they mean to the poem. i think its a very unique form you don’t really see it that often.

    i think it does a good job interpreting the poem with visuals cause it shows more than just a red wheelbarrow. yes it did match up with some of my visuals because it showed other animals besides the white chickens also basically saying other animals depend on the red wheelbarrow. I don’t think the video conflicted with my reading i think it was pretty accurate.

    i think the farmer depends on the red wheel barrow so he can transport the heavy farm animal food, also i think the animals depend on the red wheelbarrow because without it the farmer wouldn’t be able to feed them.also i think the red wheelbarrow has a special meaning for each person or animal because it helps every animal or farmer in their own way.

  22. Dear Mr. Drinkwater,

    A. The poem felt very somber, as if everything relied on that barrow with wheels. I had the thought there was some sort of desperate situation being depicted.

    B. It is very brief, as thought the speaker does not want to talk about it. The second line’s length also shows this. I think it was annoying at first, but then I began to realize its relevance.

    C. Though the wheelbarrow is lacking in a proper number of wheels, it depicts a somewhat solid setting. The video, as I said before, reflects the serious feelings displayed in the poem. However, the video is kind of vague, therefore not really matching up with what I visualized.

    D. I would imagine that, without the wheelbarrow, the man (a farmer?) would be unable to move things like feed and seed.

    – Zach

  23. Katelyn Downey
    A) While reading The Red Wheelbarrow I felt very content. I am not sure why, but the music also is very content. The wheelbarrow is very important, and the fact that it is glazed by rain water has to be imported if it is stated. It also points out the white chickens. It is a very simple poem.

    B) The form is very simple. The one word in each second line seems to be just a word, or the main point and the descriptions are in the line before. It makes the poem more intense. I like this form because like I said, it if a very simple poem so it kind of adds meaning to it.

    C) I enjoyed the video. It was very chill and content, and it made me think about it more. The video shows exactly what the poem is, and I thought that was cool. The video makes the poem less plain, even though they are both a;ready simple. Reading the poem, it is very short, but the video makes it more interesting.

    D) Everything seems to depend on the red wheelbarrow because it seems to be the main focus of the poem. The video also describes this.

  24. A.) I thought this video was form fitting to the poem since the poem starts off by mentioning the chickens but then it progresses to how they are dependent on the red wheelbarrow

    B.) By only having a few words per line gives the poem a simplistic vibe which could be ironic since the poem is so simple yet the meaning is heavy and deep.

    C.) To me, the poem is in relation to money and how everything and everybody circles around the idea of money. This poem is most definitely some form of symbolism because I highly doubt he would legitimately write a poem simply about a red wheelbarrow. A small thing, a piece of paper, control lives and effects everyone in some form. Everything depends on money, like the video stated about the wheelbarrow. The chickens need the wheelbarrow alongside with the other farm animals who are equally dependent on it.
    D.) In the video, it depicts the chickens depending on the red wheelbarrow for food, essentially survival, but I interpreted it as an analogy to humans. I felt like it was a clear depiction of the relationship we have towards money, the majority is generally very reliant to it, rightfully so.

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