Of Mice and Movies! (E-Block)

Of Mice and Men

After watching Gary Sinise’s 1992 adaptation of Steinbeck’s OF MICE AND MEN, viewers are bound to have storms of thought and emotion swirling about their minds. With that said, it is always useful to engage with our reactions to narratives. Click the link so that we can further explore the story of George and Lennie!

THE TASKFirst, take a minute to reflect upon Steinbeck’s novella, Sinise’s film, and the relationship between the two. Then, respond to the following prompts by using the “Leave a Reply” feature at the bottom of the page. For full credit, your responses must consist of complete sentences and demonstrate active engagement.

A) Describe the actors’ performances in this adaptation. Did their performances match how you imagined the characters while reading? Why or why not?

B) What differences between the film and the novella did you notice? Why do you think these changes were made? What did you think of them?

C) Imagine you’ve been given the chance to direct a new, 2013-version of OF MICE AND MEN. Choose three characters and describe who you would cast in the roles.

D) What are your overall thoughts about the movie?

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  1. A) I think that the actors during this movie did really well. I think that they followed how I imagined them, especially George and Candy. They really matched the descriptions. Although at times the acting was not that great, overall the characters acted how I had imagined from reading the book. I think they matched how I had imagined them mainly because they followed the description in the book.

    B) I noticed very few differences between the film and the novella. In the film, a few scenes were cut out. This was most likely to get the movie of a reasonable length. I do not think they cut out anything too important. It was still pretty similar to the book.

    C) If I could direct a new version of “Of Mice and Men” I would choose to show George, Crooks, and Curley’s wife. I would have Adam Sandler play George, Will Smith play Crooks, and Jennifer Lawrence play Curley’s wife.

    D) Overall the movie was well thought out. I liked it a lot. The actors played their characters pretty well. It really followed the book which I liked. They did not cut out anything too important. The movie was really fun to watch, except for the end, which they made sad. It was a great movie.

  2. A.) The actors did a great job performing in OF MICE AND MEN. Gary Sinise played George really well because he always seemed somewhat upset and unhappy. John Malkovich portrayed a great Lennie with his size and strength as well as the way he acted and talked. All the other characters acted they would the characters in the book acted and the characters who were liked in the book were likable in the movie.
    B.) I noticed in the movie compared to the book that Curley’s wife appeared much more than she did in the book probably because she was such an important character in the end of the movie. I also noticed that Crook’s scene was shortened and didst involve the same characters as the book. I wish Crook’s scene was longer because the actor in Crook’s scene did a really good job at making the viewer feel bad for the character because he is all alone. The also changed the final scene and never showed the other people coming and finding Lennie at the river.
    C.) If I could make a 2013-version of OF MICE AND MEN i would choose Joseph Gordon-Levitt as George because he could portray George’s anger and kindness very well. I’d pick Tom Hardy to be Lennie because they are both big and Tom could play Lennie’s kindness and innocence perfectly. I’d also pick Ellen Page as Curley’s wife because she can play the loneliness and regret of marrying Curley.
    D.) The movie was a good adaptation to the book and it had a great cast to play all the characters. It also followed the book very well and didn’t change much.

  3. A) In my opinion, the actor’s performance’s in this adaptation of Of Mice and Men was spot on. The actors that portrayed George, Slim, Candy, and Curley not only physically looked as I imagined them based off of Steinbeck’s novella, but their mannerisms were very similar. Also, the lines used in the script did not stray far from those in the novella. Especially Candy’s character was accurate to how Candy was described in Steinbeck’s work.

    B) One of the major differences between the film and the novella that I noticed was Crooks’s appearance. Crooks (in Steinbeck’s novella) was kicked in the back by a horse, but in the film, Crooks appears not like he was kicked, but is exaggerating and walks with his body at a ninety degree angle. I feel this was over exaggerated in the film, and although it did not affect the plot of the film, it seemed strange. There appeared to be no reason to make this change in the film.

    C) In the 2013 rendition of Of Mice and Men, my cast would include Clint Eastwood as Candy, Andre the Giant as Lennie, and Tom Cruise as Slim.

    D) Overall, I found this movie to be quite enjoyable. One mistake many directors and producers make is straying too far from the plot of the book when basing a movie off of a book, but this rendition of Of Mice and Men was very accurate while changing small details to keep the movie exciting to those who have read the novella. I’d give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

  4. A) In this film adaptation of the novella Of Mice and Men, the actors chosen to play the characters did overall a good job. George Sinise’s performance of George, for the most part, match how I had imagined George to be. The actor who had played Lennie, however, was slightly different than how I had imagined the character. I didn’t imagine Lennie speaking in the way that the actor had. The other actors matched my expectations for what I had thought them to look and act like for the most part.

    B) There was several minor differences between the film and the book. One had been that in the book, when Lennie had first met Crooks, Curley’s wife is present unlike in the film where it is just Lennie and Crooks. Another difference is that in the end, after George shoots Lennie, Curley, Slim, and Carlson show up, discovering George with Lennie’s body. This did not occur in the movie.

    C) If I were able to direct a new adaptation of Of Mice and Men, I don’t really know of any actors I would cast in the roles of the characters of the novella. I would probably simple cast actors who are similiar to the characters descriptions in the book, both physically and personality wise.

    D) I think the movie was really well done. Most of the scenes conveyed the emotion that the book did. Although, I think that the scene in which George kills Lennie could be slightly more emotional and less abrupt. I feel like it was too quick and could have lasted longer and made the watchers feel the pain of George and the hopefulness of Lennie.

  5. A. Of Mice And Men the movie, the characters were how I expected they would be. They were portrayed well, how I pictured them while reading the book. The ways the characters spoke and acted were just how I thought they would. The actor who played Lennie I thought did very well.

    B.Some differences I noticed between the movie and the book were that in the book Curley and his wife never once crossed paths. They were always looking for eachother, but never actually together. In the movie, however, they did cross paths in the barn. Curley yelled at her to get back to the house, and that was all that was said. I think they put that scene in the movie to show that Curley and his wife seldom were together, but when they were they couldn’t even get along. Another difference was that in the movie, George and Lennie snuck onto a train to escape from Weed. That did not happen in the book. I believe they added that to show how much George and Lennie traveled around, and how used to it they were that they just hopped on a train.

    C. Gven the chance to direct an updated version of Of Mice and Men, I would cast Morgan Freeman for Crooks. This is because I think he is a good actor and would portray Crooks well. I would cast Rachael McAdams for Curley’s wife. This is because I pictures his wife to look somewhat like her. Lastly, I would cast Leonardo Dicaprio as George. The reason for this being that he is smaller and caring, just like George, along with a great actor.

    D. My overall thoughts on this movie are that it was similar to the book and very good. I thought the acting was great and how they acted out each scene was spot on for the most part. I thought that the movie portrayed George and Lennie’s relationship very well.

  6. A) I loved the actors performances in this movie. I think they did a great job casting the roles. I don’t think they could have found a better person to play Lennie. At first I was surprised at his appearance. He looked too old to play Lennie but then I remembered Lennie wasn’t supposed to look young, just act young. I expected George to be a little meaner, in a way, but i liked that he wasn’t. (I love Gary Sinise)
    B) I noticed that in the movie Curly’s Wife shows up a lot more than she does in the book. I think this happened because they wanted us to know her better and kind of get attached to her. This way when she died it was more of a dramatic effect. Also, in the book, everyone shows up after George killed Lennie and Slim and George walk off together to get a drink. In the movie after George killed Lennie he just sat there and then it ended. I’m not sure if i liked it or not. I think they did it to give time to think about Lennie dying.
    C) If i had the chance to direct a new version of “Of Mice and Men” I would cast Bradley Cooper as Slim, Meagan Fox as Curly’s wife, and Tom Cruise as Curly.
    D) Overall I liked the movie. I think the roles were cast really well. The end was hard too watch because I have a hard time dealing with sad things. It was hard not too cry when George was choking up while talking to Lennie.

  7. Prompt A) I think the actors did an extremely good job acting in the Film, “Of Mice and Men.” I felt as if they showed what I imagined what they would look like and sound like. In the book John Steinbeck told about their appearance in great detail, and the movie correctly followed the characteristics.

    Prompt B) The biggest difference I saw between the novella and the movie was the fact that when George killed Lennie, the rest of the guys didn’t end up meeting up with George, and we didn’t see that Curly, Carlson, and Slim, saw that Lennie was indeed dead. I didn’t really like the difference at the end because just reading the book I felt as if it ended too short but this ended even shorter so that was even harder for me.

    Prompt C)
    Lennie: Andre the Giant (WWF Wrestler, Princess Bride, etc.)
    George: Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, etc.)
    Candy: Scott Wilson (Herschel Greene from the Walking Dead)

    Prompt D) I thought the movie was very well made and it really brought the emotions out of me at parts of the movie. I personally, before I saw the movie thought it wouldn’t be as good as the book, but it was just as good if not better than the book. Overall I felt it was a great movie.

  8. A) In the movie Of Mice and Men, i thought that the characters of the story were well-represented by the actors. I think that the actor who played Lennie, John Malkovich played the role very well seeing as though he does not have a mental illness and Lennie does. I think that Crooks was also well displayed with his crooked back.

    B) One difference that I saw between the book and the movie was that Curley and his wife were often together in the move, where as in the book they were never seen together. I think that in the movie having Curley and his wife in the same place at the same time showed how much they didn’t like eachother and how unhappy Curley’s wife was. Also, in the movie when all the men went into town, and Lennie stayed behind he went into Crooks’ room. This is the same as the book except in the book Candy joins Lennie and Crooks and so does Curley’s wife. Candy ends up yelling at Curley’s Wife telling her how she only gets everyone into trouble, and that never happened in the movie. I think that this allowed us to hear more from Crooks as opposed to Lennie, Crooks, Candy, and Curley’s Wife.

    C) Given the chance to direct a new, 2013-version of Of Mice and Men, I would first cast Hayden Panitierre as Curley’s Wife. I think that she has the blonde hair that Curley’s Wife had in the book, and in the movie she had dark hair, she is also a talented actress and has portrayed a fliratious woman before. I would also cast Morgan Freeman as Crooks because he had an older tired face like Crooks, and is very good at adapting to roles. Lastly, I would cast Tom Cruise as Slim because he is very wise looking and I pictured Slim as a wise older man.

    D) I thoroughly enjoyed the movie Of Mice and Men. I thought that it depicted the story of George and Lennie very well. I pictured George looking like Gary Sinise, and I thought that all of the actors did a very good job playing their roles. I thought that the movie was very well portrayed.

  9. A) The actors in the movie where exactly how i thought of them in the book. Their physical descriptions where to a T what i had expected due to the dramatic opposition of the two. Their personality description was the same as well.Steinbeck had a very good description of the two and the fact that they where exact opposites, mentally and physically, made it the imagery that much better in the book and to identify them in the movie.

    B) I noticed that they did not show at the end Curley and everyone else come in and find Lennie dead. I also noticed that Curley and his wife had a scene together in which they had a conversation. I did not like these changes. I liked how it gave a sense of mystery as to Curley and his wife’s relationship. I liked that they did not show the ending part because it shows how difficult it was for George to look at what he did to protect Lennie. I think these changes where made to make the story more realistic in the sense that obviously Curley and his wife would find each other on a small ranch. I think the other change was to let the audience reflect on what has happened to really look at why George did what he did.

    C) If i had to choose three characters to put in my movie i would choose Channing Tatum as Slim, Adam Levine as George, and Ariana Grande as Curley’s Wife.

    D) Overall i thought that the movie did a very good job at expressing the main thoughts of the book. They chose very good actors to play the right parts because they had a lot of emotion. They really helped in making the story that much better and realistic by being able to put a name with a face.

  10. A) The actors’ performances in this adaptation match they performances while reading. Lennie was still big and strong. George is still slim and smart. Curly is still mean and jealous of large men. Curley’s Wife is still a show off and lonely.I think this matches in both the book and the movie because the book was very tragic and so if they made some changes to the movie, it would not be as good as the book.

    B) The movie was more basic and not wordy. The book on the other hand had all these mini scenes that were happening. it took longer for major events to happen and in the movie, major events happened back to back. I thought this made the book seem like a stronger source because the book had more information on some of the small characters like Slim and Crooks. the Movie does not really go over the small characters like Slim and Crooks… it is based on the main characters like Curley’s Wife, Curley, Lennie, and George.

    C) If i were given the chance to remake this movie in 2013, the 3 characters i would choose for a role in the movie are Adam Sandler, Morgan Freeman, and Thor. I would choose Adam Sandler to play the role of Curley. this is because Adam thinks he is strong and so does Curley. I would choose Morgan Freeman to play Crooks role because he is not really popular. Crooks was not so popular either. people just know him for narrating his life, just how Crooks regrets his life. I would choose Thor for the role of Lennie. Thor and Lennie are both strong and stupid.

    D) I thought the movie was really depressing, Especially the end. Throughout the movie, Lennie had been miss treated. He was to be taken care of by George. George tried his best to take care of Lennie. he also worked with Lennie throughout the whole movie, whether if it was a good idea or not. He lost his job at his first ranch because he sticked with Lennie and ran away. Curley was a pushy guy. Seemed like something happened to him and so he has been taking his anger out on other people. Curley bullied Lennie thought the movie. At the end, George still thinks about what is best for Lennie. Either jail, suffering death, or him giving Lennie a peaceful death. So George goes off chasing Lennie just so he can save him from the rest of the ranch. Once he approaches Lennie, his last words have been said and out of the blue, a bullet hits him and all we see is Lennie drop and George with a revolver. This Movie was a really sad and inspirational movie. it taught me to stick with the ones that love u the most.

  11. William Shea

    A) I really thought that the actors were spot on. George and Lennie were exactly how I imagined them being in real life. I believe that Sinise should have gotten some award for his depiction of George. Also I felt that Malcovich was also wonderful and really acted as though he was disabled. He had the hardest role to play with Lennie but In believe he did a very good job. I also believed that the supporting characters were also done well. My only complaint is I think that Candy was a little corny at times. Overall on The Will Shea scale I gave the acting a 9/10.

    B) I did not see too many differences between the novella and the movie. The biggest difference that I saw was that the build up before George shoots Lennie is not as emotional as the book. I did not like this at first, but I also noticed that the emotion after was much longer in the movie than in the book which I liked.

    C) If Will Shea was under the helm for the new Of Mice and Men movie I would make three acting changes. The first being Miley Cyrus as Curley’s wife. You throw on a dark brown wig and let her do her thing. She already acts like Curley’s wife so it would be a perfect fit minus the hair. The other change would be . The last change I would make is I would put Alex Rodriguez as Curley. A-Rod really is perfect for this role. A-Rod thinks he is the best, treats women poorly, and sounds like one of those people that would put a glove full of Vaseline on his hand. The last change would be Charles Barkley as Lennie. Charles has the intangables. He has the height and the size and could act as though he is disabled.

    D) I really liked the movie. The actors were portrayed very well and I loved the setting of the movie. Sinise played George to perfectly and Malcovich stepped into the shoes of Lennie. The supporting actors were very sutable and it clearly resembled almost every part of the book. Overall on The Will Shea scale 9.2/10

  12. A.) A lot of the charactors in the movie Of mice and men are just how i would’ve imagined the as i was reading the novella. For example Lennie was just what i thought he would be, a giant man that couldnt really speak or process stuff well. Also Curley’s wife is just how i thought she would be, very flirty and kind of lonely in a way. So many charactors accuaratly portrayed the charactors i read about in the book.
    B.) There were some minor changes made to the movie that made some parts seem differant than the novella. Just little things such as change in dialouge. In the book George talks to Lennie a little longer before he shoots him. Also in the book Lennie sneakely goes after the dead mouse when George throwns it away. Another differance is that when Lennie is in Crook’s room Candy isnt there, but in the movie its just Lennie and Crooks and George comes to get him.
    C.) If i had to make a re-make of this movie with new actors Lennie would be played by Jack Black. Cheif Keef would be the boss of the ranch. Kendrick Lamar would be George.
    D.) Overall i liked the movie. It was much like the novella and i enjoyed both of them. It was interesting, funny, and sad. It was a great movie.

  13. A. In my opinion the characters for Sinises 1992 version Of Mice and Men were very good. I thought the acting was flawless. I felt like Lennie played an amazing role especially. I felt like Lennie was the same exact character as i would have imagined in the book. Overall the acting was tremendous in this film

    B. A difference between the book and the movie was that i felt like Crooks played a bigger role in the book then he did the movie. I don’t understand the reason of this but i can only recall two scenes in the movie at which he talked. I wanted to see more of Crooks in the movie because i thought he was a very interesting character

    C. If i was the director of a brand new Of Mice and Men for 2013 one of the characters could be Kanye West (Yeezus) as Curley cause Kanye is a very over dramatic person and i feel like he would fit this role perfectly. Rex Ryan coach of the New York Jets as the boss, mainly because the boss is annoying as is Rex Ryan. Another character could be Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump) as Lennie. Forrest Gumps voice reminds me of Lennies voice in some ways and i think Tom Hanks could go in any movie because he is such a good actor so i believe he could be a good character as Lennie. These are a couple of characters i would need in order to have a stellar squad of a cast and win some emmys.

    D. In my opinion i loved this movie. I honestly felt like i was watching the book that is how amazing the cast was. Overall i give this book a 8/10. The reason why i gave it 8 is because i felt like Curleys wife was very annoying in every scene she was in.
    James Connors

  14. A) In The Movie of Mice and Men the characters were portrayed as i thought they would. The actors performances were very good especially John Malkovich, who played Lennie. George was still very protective in the movie but he was a lot harsher to Lennie then I would think. Also the actor playing Slim did a

    B) One difference i saw in the movie was that they did not show the ending scene when the other men saw George standing over Lennie’s body. I think the didn’t show this part because it ended on a very strong note and the director didn’t want to add anything to slow it down. I believe that they should have brought that scene from the novella into the movie. Also in the novella they never showed Curley and his wife together, but in the movie they are seen together once. I think that they did this because you can’t explain the tension between them in a movie. In my opinion they should have kept them apart the whole movie.

    C) If I had the chance to direct a new, 2013-version of OF MICE AND MEN i would cast Blake Lively as Curley’s wife.His wife has blond hair just like Blake and i feel that she she is great actress to portray Curley’s wife. Also i would cast David Kromholtz as George. Lastly i would cast Dwayne Johnson as Lenny.

    D) I thought the movie was good and it was very similar to the novella. It had a lot of emotion and had many amazing actors.

  15. A. In my mind, the movie adaptation of Of Mice and Men was very accurate. The actors were very realistic and made the movie feel more than just a movie. Their performances were really good, but I did not know how to imagine Lennie in the book, so I was probably going to like anyone that the director cast. In the movie, George was a lot younger and a lot more handsome than I imagined, but Candy was spot on with what i thought of when reading.

    B. The only differences between the movie and the book that I noticed was the scene in Crooks’ room. In the book, Curley’s wife joins the party for a while and so does Candy. I have no idea why the made this change, because it didn’t add on or take away anything from the movie. That and at the end, Slim does not find George and Lennie together when in the book, they have a little conversation about how Lennie got there and what he was doing. I think that they made this change to show the little flashback of George and Lennie working together.

    C. For the Emma Lowry version of Of Mice and Men, I would cast Jonny Lee Miller as George, Vince Vaughn as Lennie, and Anne Hathaway as Curley’s Wife.

    D. My overall impression of the movie is that it was really good. I really enjoyed the movie, but I would not make a point to go and see it again.

  16. A) Most of the characters preformances in this adaptation did portray the way i looked at the characters after reading the book. George was wise, caring, and basically took care of Lennie as a son. Most of the guys on the ranch also portrayed the way i thought of them after eading the book. Curley was always looking for trouble or a fight. Carlson was convincing in the argument to kill Candy’s dog.Slim was a smart man and very respcted. Lennie was a little different as I imagined. I did not imagine Lennie’s mental disablility to show as much as it did. Lennie was clearly mentaly disabled and could barely even think for himself. I thought Lennie would at least have some kind of understanding for how to act and handle himself but Lennie was almost fully dependant on George.

    B) There were some minor changes in the film, but i do not think and were major and were made for a purpose. In the scene in croos room where in the novella Curley’s wife and Candy came into the room but in the film Curley’s wife nor Candy never made an appearance in this scene. Curley’s wife also had a greater role in the film than she did in the book, this might have happend to give a better understanding of Curley’s wife that was easier to describe in words like in the book. George didnt talk to Lennie as much as i thought he would have before he shot him. I didnt thinkmuch of these changes but i did notice them.

    C) If i had to make a re-make of the movie i would cast Mike Tyson as Lennie because of his great size and Mike Tyson can sound as if he has some type of mental disablity, especially if he tried to. Mike Tyson has a history of acting and is a huge man like Lennie. I would cast Tom Cruise would be casted as George because he has played many intese roles and has defined physical features as Lennie is described in the book. I would also cast Brad Pitt as Slim because Brad Pitt is a talented actor and is a very respected person.

    D) I enjoyed the movie as well as the book. The movie portrayed the book very well and i belive the actors did really well in playing their roles. The movie was almost exactly like the book and the book was very well written.

  17. A. The actors’ performances in the adaptation matched how I imagined the characters while reading for the most part. Other than some characters looking or acting slightly different than I imagined, all of the actors did a good job of portraying their characters.

    B. There were many differences between the film and novella. One difference was that the film didn’t show Lennie waiting for George after he killed Curley’s wife, when he imagined his aunt and the giant rabbit talking to him. Instead, it showed Lennie running off, and then George going to find Lennie after he and Candy discovered Curley’s wife dead. There were also some more minor changes, such as some scenes being quicker than described in the book (for example, Lennie’s death happened more abruptly in the movie). These changes to the film might have been made so it could be kept to a specific time length. Another change was that in the movie, characters were actually shown working, which is different from in the book. This might have been done because in a book, it is easier to describe things without actually having a scene to help the reader understand things. In a movie, however, viewers rely on visuals and dialogue to understand what is happening.

    C. If I had the chance to direct a new, 2013 version of Of Mice and Men, I would cast Morgan Freeman as Candy, Scarlett Johansson as Curley’s wife, and Vince Vaughn as George.

    D. Overall, I liked the film. I thought it was a good movie adaptation, and, for the most part, it kept true to the book.

  18. A.) The characters definitely acted just how I thought they would act. George and Lennie’s actors, most specifically, proved my thoughts right. Lennie’s actor was as clueless and forgetful as I thought he would be. George’s character stood by Lennie the whole time, just like in the book. Also, Curley and Candy’s actors were both very similar to the book characters. Curley was rude and mean to Lennie, just like in the book. Also, Candy was old, was missing a hand, and was very nice to George and Lennie in the movie, exactly how it was depicted in the book. The actors in the movie definitely portrayed the characters that I read about in the book.

    B.) I noticed that Slim and all the other ranch workers went after Lennie after he killed Curley’s wife. These changes were made to probably show how commanding and powerful Curley was on this ranch. It indicated to the position of Curley and could possibly leave this ranch workers’ jobs at risk if they disobeyed Curley, Slim for example. Also, I noticed that in the end of the movie, Slim and Carlson didn’t show up to the scene where Lennie laid dead. In the book, they show up and are aware of what just happened, but do not care. This was probably done to show how much George cared for Lennie and how much he didn’t want to kill him with this long scene. The changes were not drastic, but they caught my attention enough to make me realize that there were some changes done for the good of the movie.

    C.) The three characters that I would choose from OF MICE AND MEN would be George, the Boss, and Slim. I would have Derek Jeter cast the role of George because they both look the same age and both have the same personality. Jeter is the captain of the Yankees and George is sort of the captain of Lennie. They also look like they’re from a country heritage. Then I would have Ndaumakong Suh as the Boss because he is very intimidating and many people, in this case opponents, fear him. They both show that they have control and no one is taking it away from them. Lastly, I would have Aaron Rodgers as Slim because they both look like they are from the countryside. I can also see Aaron Rodgers wearing a cowboy hat and riding a horse.

    D.) I thought that the OF MICE AND MEN movie was very compelling, but also sad. All of the events that happened in the movie and in the book added up to the conclusion. The ending was almost predictable just because of how everything played out in the movie. In the end, this movie was very catchy and hard to stop watching. It also showed that not every movie has a happy ending.

  19. A. Most of the Characters performances in this film matched up with how I imagined them, however, a few of them did not. For instance, Slim seemed a lot friendlier in the movie than the image I got for him after reading. I knew that he treated George and Lennie kindly, but he seems to have a much closer relationship with them in the movie. Also, Curley’s wife didn’t seem as trashy in the movie as she did in the book. In the film, her character really emphasized how all she wanted to do was talk. While in the book, it sounded much more flirtatious. On the other hand, Characters such as George and Lennie were almost exactly how i Imagined them.

    B. The differences between the novella and the film were not very dramatic. It seemed like a few scenes were missing or described more briefly but they were both very close to one another. One difference took place in the beginning. The film focused in on Lennie and George’s time in Weed and displayed their escape. However, as the book opens, George and Lennie are already in Soledad. I think that these changes were made to set the scene for the reader. In the book, the narrator was able to tell us a little later into the story exactly why they left Weed. Since there is no narrator in the movie, they had to include the scene in the beginning so that the movie could transition easier. I liked this better because the scene was more detailed and suspenseful than it was in the book. Also, the end of the film seemed more abrupt than it did in the novella. After George killed Lennie, John Steinbeck described the other men meeting up with George and observing what just happened. In the film, the credits came right after George’s flashback. The director could have done this either to make it more dramatic. I personally did not like this ending because I wanted to see the reactions of the other men. It ended too quickly for my liking because i was waiting for that final scene.

    c. If I had been chosen to direct a 2013 version of Of Mice and Men, I would cast Shia Labeouf, Megan Fox, and Will Smith. Shia Labeouf would play George because he is small, but in shape. Also, he is smart like George. Next, I would cast Megan Fox as Curley’s wife because a lot of people think she is very attractive and she seems flirtatious. Lastly, I would cast Will Smith as Crooks because he matches my description of him.

    D. Overall, I enjoyed the movie because it was nice to have a visual after reading the book. Also, I thought it was very well acted.

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