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The Life of a Film Critic

As the Creative Writing students try their hand at writing film reviews, we have been reading the work of professional critics. Arguably the most well-respected film critic of all time, Roger Ebert brought a craft to a form of writing sometimes dismissed as trifling.

If you have time, check out the embedded video, which features Ebert discussing his views on film reviewing, art, and life!

A Literary Analysis of Spider-Man


Think that in-depth character analysis is reserved solely for classic works of literature? Guess again!

If you have a spare moment, head over to Comics Alliance and read Chris Sims’ fantastic new article: Why Spider-Man is the Best Character Ever (Yes, Even Better Than Batman). Throughout the course of the piece, Sims provides a close reading of Peter Parker, detailing why it is that the character has remained so poignant since his 1962 debut.

An excerpt:


So he has to be Spider-Man, because he knows for a fact that he can help people, and that fact makes the decision for him. It’s another piece of that sacrifice, that atonement, but it’s also an incredible illustration of the pressure that he’s under, and how he just has to carry on, dealing with the things that he can control.

And how does he do it? By creating a better version of himself.

Batman’s essentially Batman from the moment his parents die, he just needs to go learn kung fu and how to be a detective. But at the start of Peter Parker’s story, he’s not a hero — he’s not even close. He’s shy and he’s an outcast, and while those things aren’t really his fault, they lead him to become pretty vindictive…



December Housekeeping!

Whoa! It’s December! In honor of the holiday season, I now present (aren’t puns great?) some notes:

ALL CLASSES: Calendars have been updated on the Digital Loft! Just click the tab for your class, and then find your block!

FRESHMAN HONORS: Keep pluggin’ away at The Odyssey. We’ve made it back to Ithaca, so now we just have find Telemachos. I have a hunch that if we can find that scrappy heir, we’ll be able to exact revenge on the suitors!

JUNIOR HONORS: Don’t be a phony! Make sure you keep up with The Catcher in the Rye assigned readings! Moreover, make sure that you coordinate with your group so as to craft the best presentations possible.

CREATIVE WRITING: Thank-you letters, film reviews, Bradbury, and short stories. Your mind will be expanded this holiday season. (Now read those lines in a movie trailer voice — it’s epic.)