December Housekeeping!

Whoa! It’s December! In honor of the holiday season, I now present (aren’t puns great?) some notes:

ALL CLASSES: Calendars have been updated on the Digital Loft! Just click the tab for your class, and then find your block!

FRESHMAN HONORS: Keep pluggin’ away at The Odyssey. We’ve made it back to Ithaca, so now we just have find Telemachos. I have a hunch that if we can find that scrappy heir, we’ll be able to exact revenge on the suitors!

JUNIOR HONORS: Don’t be a phony! Make sure you keep up with The Catcher in the Rye assigned readings! Moreover, make sure that you coordinate with your group so as to craft the best presentations possible.

CREATIVE WRITING: Thank-you letters, film reviews, Bradbury, and short stories. Your mind will be expanded this holiday season. (Now read those lines in a movie trailer voice — it’s epic.)

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