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Greek Pantheon

After taking the epic journey that is THE ODYSSEY, we now know that Homer fully integrated the Greek gods into the narrative. To better understand the relationship between ancient Greek culture, the pantheon of gods, and Odysseus’ quest to return to Ithaca, we our going to go on a WebQuest!

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THE TASKFirst, take a minute to reflect upon THE ODYSSEY and the role the gods played in it. Then, respond to the following prompts by using the “Leave a Reply” feature at the bottom of the page. You will have to do some research to answer these questions, but make sure your responses consist of your own words (formed into complete sentences)!

A) Who were the parents of the ancient race of gods known as the TITANS?

B) Choose one of the TWELVE TITANS and briefly summarize her/his backstory.

C) What is the GREEK PANTHEON? Why does each member have a different skillset/power?

D) Choose one member of the GREEK PANTHEON and explain her/his story.

E) Identify a group found in today’s story-telling tradition and compare it to the GREEK PANTHEON. (Hint: Consider the characters of Marvel Comics, DC Comics, or even athletic all-star teams). What are the similarities? What are the differences? Why do these sorts of groups still exist today?

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  1. A. Chronos and Gaia were the parents of the Titans in Greek mythology.
    B. Coeus was a god of intelligence and wisdom. He was married to Phoebe and the father of Leto and Asteria. He was overthrown by Zeus and sent to Tartarus where he almost escaped but was stopped my Cerberus.
    C. The Greek Pantheon is the group of 12 major Olympians who were most powerful. each member has a different skillset because they represent and major part if the world like the elements or wisdom.
    D.Ares was the God of war and violence. He was the son of Zeus and Hera and hated by all the Gods except for Aphrodite.
    E.Superman is similar to Hercules because they both have amazing strength and can do great things. Superman came from a different plant and is stronger than everyone else on earth and Hercules was the Son of Zeus and was also stronger than the people of Earth. Hercules was a popular character in Greek times so people base characters off of old popular people in hope to bring back the popularity.

  2. A) The parents of the Titans were Ouranos and Gaia.
    B) Cronus was the leader of the Titans. He was also the youngest. His wife was named Rhea and together they ruled Earth during its Golden Age. Cronus was the God of time and age. He feared that his kids would overthrow him so when they were born he ate them.
    C) The Greek Pantheon was a group of the twelve Olympians. They were given different skills because they symbolized different parts of life, objects, and emotions.
    D) Athena, one of the twelve Olympians, was the goddess of wisdom and civilization. She lived in Mount Olympus and her parents were Zeus and Metis. She was wise, strategic, and calm.
    E) Spiderman was like the Greek Pantheon cause he has superpowers and is different from other people. However he’s not Greek and Zeus is not his father. Also he’s not immortal like the Olympians and he is not a God.

  3. A. The parents of the Titians were Gaia and Uranus. Uranas was one of Gaia’s sons.
    B. The Titan godess Phoebe’s name means “bright” or “radiant”. Leto and Asteria were her two daughters whom she had with her brother Coeus. She revieved control of the Oracle at Delphi from Themis. Uranus gave the oracle to Gaia and Kronos alloted it to his sister Themis. When it was Zues’ turn to make the gift, the oracle was given to Pheobe over Apollo, who was not yet born.
    C. The Greek Patheon is the set of all the gods with the same greek mythology. Each memeber has a different power because they each have to deal with seperate issues on Earth.
    D. Zeus is the god of sky and thunder. He rules the Olympians at Mount Olympia. He is the child of Cronos and Rhea and is married to either Dione or Hera, depending on the story. He is like the king of gods, overseeing the universe. A thunderbolt, eagle, bull, and oak are his symbols. Zeus is often known as the “cloud-gatherer”.
    E. The Patriots and the Greek Pantheon are similar. This is because each is a group of people with different abilities in order to keep everything in order. On the Patriots, or any football team, each person has their seperate ability to put forward and help the team. If each player had the same ability, they would get nowhere. The positions of each football player are similar to the powers of each Greek god in the Greek Pantheon. These groups still exist in order to work together and accomplish things.

  4. A. Ouranos and Gaia were the parents of the titans.

    B.Oceanus was believed by the Romans and other Greek gods to be the visual and divine personification of the World Ocean. The World Ocean is a a large river encircling the world. He was predicted to have the lower body of a serpent and the upper body of an extremely masculine man with horns and a long beard. He was fist by scholars to be believed as a representation of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea because they where the only known bodies of salt water to the Greeks. Later as geography became more accurate a later generation of Poseidon became ruler of all bodies of water.

    C.The Greek Pantheon is a temple for all gods to which the Greeks worshiped them. Each God descends from his or her own genealogy, has their own unique power, or expertise. However some of the powers clash and are against each other, and some powers can come together and represent one. But all together overall to balance out the universe.

    D.Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty and pleasure. She is the daughter of Zeus and Dione. Because of her beauty other Gods were afraid of war and rivalry. Therefore Zeus married her to Hephaestus who brought great ugliness and deformity, and he was not seen as a threat.

    E.The similarities between the two is that they all have inhumane or mutant powers as humans. They both Have extreme or exquisite strength in one subject and they use that on the world. Some are for good and some are for bad. The differences are that older mythological creatures have more effects on controlling the natural world while major heroes and villain’s today only use their power to help people and fight crime.

  5. A) The parents of the titans were Uranus and Gaia. Uranus was the son of Gaia and one of the four Children of Kaos.

    B) Themis is described as “of good cousel”, she was the organizer of communal affairs, most commonly assemblies. Themis had the ability to forsee the future, and became an Oracle of Delphi.

    C) The Greek Pantheon is the temple of the gods on Mount Olympus. There are twelve members of the Pantheon each with a different skillset that deals with the concerns and aspects of the Earth. Each member has the ability to deal with any problems faced in their field of power.

    D) Poseidon, son of Cronus and Rhea, is the god of the sea, earthquakes, storms, and horses. Poseidon is referred to as “The Earth Shaker”, and is the father of Theseus, Triton, Polyphemus, Belus, Agenor, Neleus, and Atlas.

    E) The Greek Pantheon is similar to today’s Boston Bruins. Each player, or god, has their own ability and purpose to be on the team, or in the Pantheon. They all work together and help each other out when needed. If the players had the same ability then one would be useless, therefore they have their own strengths and weaknesses that help everyone out. These groups exist today to work together and accomplish everyday tasks.

  6. A.) The parents of the ancient race known as the Titans were Uranus and Gaia.
    B.) Cronus was one of the youngest of the first generation of Titans. Cronus was the son of Uranus and Gaia. Cronus overthrew his father and ruled for the entirety of the “Golden Age” in Mythology. Cronus ruled with an iron fist making sure that he had all of the power. He was married to Rhea. Rhea secretly gave birth to a son named Zeus. Zeus eventually overthrows his dad and rules the gods.
    C.) The Greek Pantheon is the twelve original gods. Each one has a different skill set because each one has a job or a story to cover. Most of them clash with each other because of their powers.
    D.) Apollo is the god of light, knowledge, healing, music, the arts and even beauty. He is the son of Zeus and Leto. He is the twin of Artemis. He is also known as the Titan of the Sun even though he was not originally a Titan.
    E.) The Justice League is easily most similar to a modern day Greek Pantheon. Every super hero has their own story behind them and their own power to them just like the gods. Also the Justice league is stationed not on Earth but in space just like how the gods are stationed in the heavens. The only big difference is that they are put in the modern day world while the Gods were put in magical places. These groups still exist because people like seeing the best of the best come together.

  7. A) Uranus and Gaea were the names of the parents of the Titans in Greek mythology.
    B) One of the Titans names is Cronus. Cronus was the titan of time and ages.He over threw his father from the throne and became the leader of the titans, although he was the youngest.However a prophecy told him that his children would over throw him so he tried to eat all of his children. However Zeus, the youngest escaped and eventually killed Cronus, becoming the leader of the Gods. Then Zeus imprisoned Cronus’ dead body in the pit of Tartarus so he would never rise again.
    C) The Greek pantheon was the group of twelve gods (the Olympians)

    D) The god i picked is Poseidon, god of the sea. Poseidon was the second son of Cronus, who was eaten right after he was born by his own father, however is later saved by his brother Zeus.
    E) A group today that you could compare to the Greek pantheon is the 92 dream team. They are similar because they were all amazing basketball players with special gifts and the gods also had special gifts. Also Magic Johnson wouldn’t be able to play in Charles Barkley’s spot because they are different players like Hades wouldn’t be able to take Poseidon’s spot.

  8. A)The parents of the ancient race of gods known as the TITANS were Gaea and Uranus. Uranus was Gaea’s first son.

    B)Hyperion is the Titan of light.He married his sister Theia. Their children Helius, Selene, Eos became the sun, moon, and dawn.

    C)The Greek Pantheon is the temple of gods. This place is located on Mount Olympus and there twelve Olympians live. Each has there own skill set because every aspect of life needs it’s own protector.

    D)Hermes is the messenger god. He is the son of Zeus and Pleiad Maia. He is known as “the bringer of good luck”, “guide”, and “guardian”.He is the second youngest Olympian after Dionsyus.

    E) Sports team such as the Patriots have many different players with special talents. They all use their skills and work together to win. These groups still exist today because they are very effective.

  9. A. The parents of the ancient race of gods known as the Titans are Uranos and Gaia.

    B. Even though Cronus was the youngest of the titans, he was also their leader. He was the god of ages and time. During the Golden Age, he ruled the Earth along with his wife, rhea. Cronus used a sickle to overthrow his father. Later in life, he became informed of a prophecy that explained how one of his children would kill him. To keep this from happening, he swallowed his children whole right when they were born. As a result, the Greeks consider him to be a very cruel figure.

    C. The Greek Pantheon refers to all of the god’s who live on Mount Olympus. The twelve major olympians are Zeus, Hera, Poseiden, Demeter, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Hermes, and Hestia/Dionysus. Each of them had a different skill or power because they needed to master one skill. Rather than have one god controlling everything, they distributed the power so that no one was too powerful and the tasks could be managed.

    D. Poseidon was a member of the Greek Pantheon and he was the god of the sea and earthquakes. He divided up creation with his two brothers, Zeus and Hades, and he ended up getting the water aspect of it. Poseidon could also be considered Neptune because that was the Roman’s name for him. He is often shown with a Trident and is one of the most well known figures in Greek Mythology.

    E. The Greek Pantheon closely resembles the Justice Leauge. Everyone in both groups is very powerful and very well known. Also, each figure has a different power or skill. For example, Superman and Batman are both superheroes with different powers much like Athena and Poseidon are gods with different powers. The few differences is that the gods controlled things like weather and nature while the Justice League is meant to fight crimes. Groups like these are still around today because people are so interested in their divine abilities.

  10. A) The parents of the ancienct race of gods known as the Titans were Uranos and Gaia.
    B) The Titaness Rhea was one of the original twelve, daughter of Gaina. She is known as “the mother of gods”,
    C) The greek pantheon was the group of Gods and Godessess that came after the overthrow of the Titans. Each god and goddess decends from their own geneaology, or family tree. Every god and goddess has a different power based on their traits, area of expertise and interests.
    D) One of the greek olympian Goddess is Athena. She is goddess of Wisdom, Warfare, Divine Intelligence, Architecture, and Crafts. Daughter of Zeus.
    E) I think the Greek Pantheon is like the Fellowship of the Ring in the Lord of The rings. The group consists of mythical creatures (and two men) who all have different areas of expertise. Smiths, warriors, archers, conjurers of magic, and more. The difference between the Greek Pantheon and The Fellowship is that the fellowship is not greek and are not gods.

  11. A) The parents of the ancient race of gods were Uranus and Gaia.

    B) Oceanus – the god of the Earth-encircling river Okeanos, which was the source of all fresh water, including rivers, springs, wells and rain clouds. He also controlled the rising and setting of all heavenly bodies, which were believed to descend into his watery realm at the ends of the Earth. His wife was Tethys which was the goddess of the sources of fresh water that nourish the Earth.Their children were the Potamoi (river gods) and Okeanides (nymphs of springs and fountains) and the Nephelai (clouds).

    C) The Greek Pantheon is where the gods live. Mount Olympus is the Pantheon to Aphrodite ,Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Dionysus, Hephaestus, Hera, Hermes, Poseidon, and their leader Zeus.

    D)Artemis – the great Olympian goddess of hunting, wilderness and wild animals. She was also a goddess of childbirth and the protectress of the girl child up to the age of marriage. Artemis was could also bring sudden disease or death to anyone she please. It was said that immediately after she was born she assisted her mother in the birth of her twin brother Apollon.

    E) The Greek Pantheon can be related to society today because the gods all work together to defeat an opposing force with their different talents. All-start sports teams combine with the best at there specific talents and defeat the opposing team.

  12. A) Ouranos and Gaia were the parents of the Titans, Ouranos was actually Gaia’s son but they did end up being the parents of the Titans.

    B)Hyperion: Hyperion is the Titan God of light. His name means the “watcher from above,” and his wife was Theia. Hyperion was one of the Titans who was cast into Tartarus by the Gods after trying to defy them.

    C)The Greek Pantheon is the 12 ruling Gods, who ruled on Mount Olympus after they defeated the Titans. They all have a different skill set so the power is evenly distributed, also when Greek mythology was created there were certain characteristics of the time period, and the Gods skill sets corresponds with life in early Greece.

    D)Poseidon: Poseidon is the God of water (seas and oceans), earthquakes, and horses. He is one of the three most powerful gods, along with Zeus and Hades, which are his brothers. He was the Son of Cronus and Rhea, and his favorable weapon is a trident.

    E)The Justice League: Superman: Zeus, Batman: Hades, Aqua man: Poseidon,

  13. 1. Uranus and Gaia were the parents of the ancient race Gods known as the Titans.
    2. Oceanus was one of the Titans. He was the God of the river that circled the Earth and provided all waterways and bodies of water. His wife, Tethys, distributed the water that was created by Oceanus. Oceanus was very unlike his brothers and sisters, he did not want to fight against the younger Gods at Mount Olympus.
    3.The Greek Pantheon were the 12 major Gods who lived in Mount Olympus and were somehow related to Zeus. They each had a different power to master one skill and be in control of one thing.
    4. One member of the Greek Pantheon was Athena. Athena was the goddess of war, defense, and wisdom. She was said to be the favorite daughter of Zeus. Athena is the “protector” of Athens, Greece, which was built to honor her.
    5. The Greek Pantheon could be compared to any sports team, but especially the Patriots. Both have people/ Gods that specialize in a certain thing

  14. A) The parents of the Ancient race of gods known as the TITANS are Okeanos and Gaia.

    B) There was once a mighty god named Chronos. He is the Father of many known Gods there are. He is father of Zeus, Posideon, Hera, Hades, Hestia, Demeter, and Chiron. Cronos is the God of Earth. His wife is Rhea, and his parents are Gaia and Uranus.He is the leader of the Titans.

    C) The GREEK PANTHEON is the family of Greek Gods that lived in Mount Olympus. Each God was given a different power/skillset because if everyone had this one powerful skillset, there would be a huge war that would be very very long. Different skillsets allow Gods to maintain their power.

    D) Zeus is a well kn ow God. His Roman name is Jupiter. His parents are Cronos and Rhea. He is the…..
    1. Sky God
    2. God of Weather
    3. God of soverginity
    He has many attributes that make him extremely unique.
    1. Has a beard
    2. Is known for his thunderbolt
    3. Is known as an eagle.
    4. Is the god is the SKY!

    E) The Gods are mostly like the Avengers

  15. A) Ouranos and Gaia are the parents of the titans in Greek mythology. This is kind of weird because Ouranos was Gaia’s son.

    B) One of the twelve titans in Greek mythology was Oceanus. He was the titan of water, seas, lakes, rivers, oceans, streams and ponds, and was often pictured as having the torso of a man, and the legs of a serpent. Apparently incest was pretty widely accepted, and so like almost all other titans, he married his sister. Oceanus’ purpose was to inhabit the Atlantic ocean and the river that circled the world (or the equator). He had thousands of children, who are freshwater nymphs.

    C) The Greek Pantheon, or the Dodekatheon, was the collection of the twelve most important gods of Mount Olympus. Each god has a different skillset because that was the Greeks way of explaining all the different functions of the world, especially forces that they didn’t quite understand.


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  16. A) The parents of the Titans were Gaea and Ouranos. Gaea was mother Earth, and Ouranos controlled the realm of the sky. Ouranos was Gaea’s son, but they were both the parents of the Titans.

    B) Iapetus was the Titan of mortality. His name literally means “The Piercer.” Iapetus, like all of the other Titans, was banished to Tartarus after the Golden Age ended and the gods won the war between the Gods and Titans.

    C) The Greek Pantheon is the group of twelve deities who reside atop Mount Olympus and each control a different realm of mortal affairs or the world (i.e., the sea, love). Each member has a different skill set because if one god was all powerful, there would be bloodshed. So, the deities divide up their power to different realms in order to avoid one god going mad with power.

    D) Apollo is an Olympian god whose power rests in many realms, not in one specifically. Apollo is the god of the following:
    The sun
    Poetry and
    Apollo is the sun of Zeus and Leto. He has a twin sister, Artemis, who is the goddess of the moon and hunting. The lyre, an instrument from Ancient Greece, was created for Apollo by Hermes. The many powers Apollo has were attributed to him by many peoples over a long period of time.

    E) In today’s world, which is dominated by pop culture, the Avengers are very similar to the Olympian gods. They are a group of very powerful and strong inhuman beings which are extremely hard to eradicate from the Earth. The Avengers are similar to the gods because they have many powers which are beyond the realm of reality. They are different because even though the Avengers are powerful, they are not all-powerful. The gods have control over the entirety of the universe. The Avengers can SMASH things and save lives. As humans, we like hearing tall tales about things that are not accomplished by people. There is a natural inclination towards these types of stories in humans.

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