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Reverse Soundtrackin’!

Reverse Soundtrackin'

Over the last few days, the Creative Writing students have started to contemplate the notion of reverse-engineering soundtracks. What does that mean? Well, rather than finding music to fit a preexisting story, the experiment calls for music to shape the writing at hand! The writers then reflect upon their work, analyzing the ways in which the music has proven influential.

If you are counted amongst the Creative Writing ranks, click the link and prepare for an exercise in the art of reverse soundtrackin’!

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Mid-Year Exams on the Horizon!

Study for Mid-Year ExamsWhere has the year gone?!

In case you didn’t realize, Term II ends this Friday! While the vast majority of the work for this quarter of the school year has already been submitted, there is still something worth working on this week. What’s that? You don’t know what you could possibly be preparing for? You’re pretty sure that this is just a coast week? Hrm.

How about Mid-Year Exams?

Rather than waiting until the night before, why not start doing some of the legwork now? Look through your materials and figure out which areas you’ll need to focus on in order to get the grade you want. For your benefit, I’ve even posted the Mid-Year Exam guides below!





Welcome to 2014!

Wampa Back!

Hey there, it’s been awhile!

If all goes as planned (and given this past week’s weather, this is hardly a guarantee), WHS will resume regularly scheduled programming on January 6th! I look forward to diving into 2014 with the powerful minds that comprise the Freshman Honors English, Junior Honors English, and Creative Writing classes!

If you’re counted amongst these ranks and find yourself champing at the bit, feel free to check your updated class page. That’s right — January calendars have been posted!

See you all on Monday!