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War Pigs!

War Pigs

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been analyzing George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM from a number of different angles. In fact, many would argue that the novel is considered a classic because it works on multiple levels — as a tale of farm creatures staging a revolution, as a parallel for the Russian Revolution and its consequences, and as a parable about power and resistance.

We are going to further our understanding of Orwell’s work by comparing it to another classic that uses animal imagery to express a poignant message. Oh, you’re wondering what classic we’ll be investigating? Well, it’s a classic of the most rockin’ sort.

Today, we’re listening to WAR PIGS by Black Sabbath!

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Orwell’s Freedom of the Press


As we continue our exploration of ANIMAL FARM, it is useful to investigate the perspectives and worldviews of author George Orwell!

Today, we are going to read & analyze an essay titled Freedom of the Press. What’s interesting about this piece? How about the fact that Orwell uses it to advocate for the necessity of free thought and free speech, and to condemn Britain’s policy of censoring anything that cast the Soviet Union (an ally at the time) in a negative light.

Even more interesting is the fact that this essay, about the evils of censorship, was not published as Orwell originally intended!

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