War Pigs!

War Pigs

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been analyzing George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM from a number of different angles. In fact, many would argue that the novel is considered a classic because it works on multiple levels — as a tale of farm creatures staging a revolution, as a parallel for the Russian Revolution and its consequences, and as a parable about power and resistance.

We are going to further our understanding of Orwell’s work by comparing it to another classic that uses animal imagery to express a poignant message. Oh, you’re wondering what classic we’ll be investigating? Well, it’s a classic of the most rockin’ sort.

Today, we’re listening to WAR PIGS by Black Sabbath!

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THE TASKFirst, take the opportunity to listen to Black Sabbath’s classic WAR PIGS (located in the video above). As you listen to the song, you may want to read along with the LYRICS (click for the PDF). After you’ve listened to the song, listen to it again (and as many times as you see fit) and respond to the prompts using the “Leave a Reply” feature at the bottom of the page.

To receive full credit, make sure you answer the questions thoroughly (full sentences/your own ideas), demonstrating active engagement with the materials at hand.

A) How would you describe the music in the song WAR PIGS? What instruments are used? What about the vocals? Describe the actual music being performed.

B) What is the theme of the lyrical content? Choose three (3) lines from the lyrics and explain them in your own words.

C) If you were creating the soundtrack for a movie, with what type of scene would you pair WAR PIGS? Describe the scene as fully as possible.

D) Find a scene from ANIMAL FARM that you think fits well with WAR PIGS. Provide the page number(s) on which the scene can be found, and then describe the connection between the song and the scene.

E) What song do you think can be connected with ANIMAL FARM? What about this song (music/lyrics/message/tone) makes it an appropriate pairing for Orwell’s work? Explain in detail!

40 thoughts on “War Pigs!

  1. A.The song is a loud rock song.There is drums,a bass,an electric guitar, and vocals used.The vocals are almost spoken and are somewhat soft.The music is rock and fun to listen to.I can picture scenes of what would be happening in a movie while this song is playing.

    B.The music content is rock and almost battle-like.Politicians hide themselves away. They only started the war.Why should they go out to fight? This means that even though that politicians are the ones declaring war, none of them are fighting in it and experiencing it. They are not witnessing the horrors of war. They are not sacrificing anything themselves.

    C.In a movie, I picture people preparing for battle during this song. They would be dressing in fighting clothes and grabbing a wide variety of weapons. I also picture warriors walking into the battle looking scary and prepared for whatever is going to happen.

    D.In Animal Farm, I picture this song playing as the animals are rebelling again Mr.Jones.This occurs on pages 38 and 39. This song is very much about rebelling against the man and that is exactly what the animals are doing when they rebel against Jones.

    E.Another song that can be related to Animal Farm is “You Got the Power” by Outlaw. This song describes people gaining power. The animals, but mostly the pigs, gain power over the humans in Animal Farm. In the pigs’ case, they gain power over the other animals.

  2. A) The song WAR PIGS would be described as rock. Instruments used are bass, drums, electric guitar, and vocals. The vocals seem to be spoken in a way and are soft in a way. The song has imagery. i can picture what’s going on or how i see things when i listen to it.

    B) The musical content is rock like. It seems war like, hence the name. “Politicians hide themselves away
    They only started the war
    Why should they go out to fight?” To me this means that the people sending others into the war really don’t know what’s going on during it. They don’t experience the tragedy in it and they just send out their men to fight for what THEY believe in, not what others do.

    C) If i were creating a scene for a movie, this song would describe soldiers getting ready for battle and preparing their weapons and armor. They would be serious and entering the battle scene with tough looks and war on their minds.

    D) In the book Animal Farm, the song WAR PIGS would fit in perfectly when the Animals have their first rebellion against the humans. This scene is found on pages 38 and 39. The song and scene in the book connect well because at this time, the animals in the story are in a war between Mr. Jones and the rest of the humans. The song describes war going on and a battle like scene.

    E) I think “You Got The Power” by Outlaw is a good alternative song to help describe Animal Farm. This song basically just describes how people have the power. They have control and they can do whatever they want. In Animal Farm, the animals gain control of the farm and the humans. By the middle of the book, the pigs gain control over everyone! They rule the farm and all the other animals as well as the people.

  3. A) I would think that a lead guitar, bass guitar, and drums were used, as they are typical instruments for a rock band (keyboards and synthesizers are use a lot as well). I liked the vocals but in my opinion they might have fit the lyrics bit better if the voice was lower and deeper, maybe a bit more serious. The vocalist did put passion and emotion into his words, though, which I appreciate. I liked the steady background beat but once again I would have preferred it if it had a bit of a deeper, maybe a darker sound.

    B) I think that the theme of the lyrical content is the corruption that comes with war. Generals start wars for no purpose other than because they find it amusing. Politicians, though they start the war, do not fight in it and leave the fighting to the soldiers. The social hierarchy that was supposedly abandoned centuries ago still exists today during warfare.
    “Generals gathered in their masses, Just like witches at black masses” – the war-meetings that the generals attend are being compared to Satanic rituals
    “Begging mercy for their sins, Satan, laughing, spreads his wings” – the generals used corruption to benefit themselves, and in return the corruption is using them
    “In the fields the bodies burning, As the war machine keeps turning” – more people die as the generals continue to think of plans that will lead to death

    C) If this song was in a movie, the scene would be some kind of montage, showing the process of the higher-ups planning for the war and then the actual battles and results of the war. It might show a few meetings, public debates and protests, actual fighting scenes, and then the wounded and dead being brought back home.

    D) I don’t think there is one scene from “Animal Farm” that would go along with the song; the lyrics can refer to various parts of the book. When Napoleon gathers the animals in the barn – “Generals gathered in their masses
    Just like witches at black masses
    Evil minds that plot destruction
    Sorcerers of death’s construction
    In the fields the bodies burning
    As the war machine keeps turning”

    And whenever Squealer speaks to the animals to reassure them of what’s happening – “Death and hatred to mankind
    Poisoning their brainwashed minds, oh lord yeah!”

    The pigs take no part in the fights or the labor and instead take all of the spoils for themselves, saying they need it because of how smart they are – “Politicians hide themselves away
    They only started the war
    Why should they go out to fight?
    They leave that role to the poor
    Time will tell them they are powered minds
    Making war just for fun
    Treating people just like pawns in chess”

    When the pigs’ power finally runs out and another rebellion comes, then the final part of the song will make sense.

    E) I think the song “Judgement of Corruption” would fit with the theme. It is less about war and more about the corruption of the higher-ups and the unfair power they posses. The genre of music isn’t my favorite–I prefer alternative rock to J-pop–but the sound still fits the words. The song is in Japanese but I’ll give the English translation–it tells the story of a corrupt judge and his daughter.


    “The judiciary system is so tainted here,
    that a defendant’s charges are based solely on the level of his wealth.
    I, the Master of the Court,
    seek after not justice or righteousness, but money.

    Even if it’s the most atrocious scoundrel,
    as long as he pays up, I will gladly spare him.
    After all, money makes the mare go.

    I couldn’t care less about
    their looks, age, ethnicity, or gender.
    What’s important is whether or not they have enough money.
    That’s all that matters.

    Your life is in my hands.
    If you wish to be spared, then cough up the coins!

    That’s right, your charges are at my discretion,
    at the mercy of my judgment of corruption.
    If you truly wish to be saved from the swamp of false charges,
    then hand over more of that money!

    I need money
    to cure my daughter’s handicapped legs.
    Once I have assembled seven vessels of deadly sins,
    my wish will surely be granted.

    At today’s court, too, where misgivings unfold,
    the evildoers snicker while the innocent weep.

    That’s right, your charges are at my discretion,
    at the mercy of my judgment of corruption.
    In order for my own long cherished wish to come true,
    I must continue wielding my gavel of injustice.

    A vicious general who slaughtered countless innocent people
    of course should be sentenced to death.
    However, I was bribed into
    proclaiming him innocent.

    The people’s outrage brought forth an uprising.
    That general was killed anyway,
    and his dead body left in the wilderness to rot.

    The brunt of the rage, however, is directed at me,
    and the people set my house ablaze.
    Oh, my beloved “daughter”,
    as long as we’re together, there’s nothing to fear.

    In the remains of my burned-down house, you’ll probably find
    the lonely corpses of a parent and his child…

    When I have come back to my senses,
    I find myself alone at the gate to the netherworld.
    Am I going to Heaven or Hell? The one deciding that will be
    the Master of the Hellish Yard.

    Even if it’s the most atrocious scoundrel,
    as long as he pays up, he will be spared.
    After all, money makes the mare go, even in Hell.

    I whisper into the Master’s ear:
    “I’ll never hand over my money to the likes of you.”

    Immediately, my body is plunged through the gate,
    and falls towards the bottom of the abyss.

    That’s right, your charges are at my discretion,
    at the mercy of my judgment of corruption.
    Therefore, I will not allow anyone to judge my sins;
    I will not approve any judgment against me.

    That’s right, some time in the future, I will once again
    gather the fragments of the deadly sins into my hands.
    By that time, Hell will probably have become
    a Utopia for my daughter and me…”

  4. A) The music in Black Sabbath’s War Pig would be described as rock and roll. It is almost soft. The vocals are almost like he is speaking and describing what he is seeing. There is a lot of drum and guitar solos. It makes me want to march into battle over a field of dead bodies. It sounds angry at the world.

    B) The theme of the lyrics are having a hidden meaning behind what they are saying. It is rock-esque and seems upset with somebody.
    “Time will tell them they are powered minds
    Making war just for fun
    Treating people just like pawns in chess”
    These lyrics are saying that the people who have used others as ‘pawns in chess’, or have just used them in general, will eventually fall. They made war and destruction of peoples lives seem like a game and they did it for fun, but eventually, time will come for them and they won’t be able to do what they are dong anymore.

    C) I would use War Pigs in a scene where someone is staging a revolution over an oppressive government. When the battle scene has started and people are being shot at and killed in the fight. It seems like a very good way to describe how the rebels that are uprising would be feeling as they overthrow the bad and corrupt government. Imagine it being like the final battle scene in the Hunger Games.

    D) I imagine the song playing all throughout chapter 7 when the animals are talking about how much they worked and how the pigs did not work at all. The song says at one point that the people who started the war aren’t fighting in it and that seems to be the case here with the pigs being who started the fight and not working only reaping the benefits.

    E) Make a Man Out Of You-Mulan
    The message of this song is to get tough so that you can fight and take someone down. the entire premise of the book is to be tough so you can overthrow the people. By the end of the song, the man singing is saying “how could I make a man out of you” which is what the pigs end up doing. they change the message they are sending to the other animals. It goes from being positive to being destructive.

  5. A.) War Pigs is a rock oriented piece. The instrumentation of War Pig is drums and guitar, along with a single vocalist. The piece itself is heavy with bass and follows a 4/4 beat per measure.

    B.) The theme of War Pig is evil and war.
    Politicians hide themselves away
    They only started the war
    Why should they go out to fight?
    They leave that role to the poor

    These lyrics practicly explain themselves. They talk about how the poloticians start their own wars, but leave the messy things to the poor.

    C.) If I was creating a movie for Animal Farm, War Pig would be used when there is a military strike or any form of violence by the animals. It gives a sense of rebellion that would fit perfectly in a military/ violent scene.

    D.) I believe that Squealers speach on page 69 provides a connection with War Pigs. It again, makes a connection of both pride and rebellion which unites the animals together.

    E.) Pink Floyds song Pigs is a perfect fit for Animal Farm. The song is about people at the top of the social ladder, who has wealth and power. It also talks about them manipulating the rest of society and encouraging the people to be competitive and cutthroat, so certain people can remain powerful.

  6. A) The actual content of the music is very intense, heavy on the bass and guitars and drums, and the vocals are an even match, with a lot of anger behind the words being spoken. It very much represents the feelings and message behind the lyrics, both in the instrumental as well as the way its delivered. Also, the siren sounds at the beginning of the song are very blunt in that they add to that government/societal bashing.

    B) “They only started the war
    Why should they go out to fight?
    They leave that role to the poor”

    These lyrics are probably the most blunt message of the song. It’s literally explaining the general issue with communism – the idea that all people are meant to be equal, when there is always someone on top pulling the strings and taking advantage of the people, the “poor,” that they believe to be below them for intelligence differences or what have you. They create messes but don’t clean them up themselves – acting as an absolute government. (This could apply to more than just communism)

    C) In a movie, I would most likely use War Pigs in a military related scene, or some sort of scene involving mass chaos, or in a “plotting for attack” sort of situation. The tone of it, with no regard for the lyrics, fits well on its own, but when you listen to the words it does add a little to the scene, almost narrating the action without directly applying to it. However, I would probably put it to a scene in which the “good guys” are winning, or at least plotting a great strategy to win, seeing as the lyrics are sort of a kick to the face at the government and other “higher-ups”

    D) There are certainly many scenes that could work well with Animal Farm concerning this song, but the one I selected is on pages 68-69. It’s the scene where the animals are getting upset at Napoleon, and Squealer makes a brief speech basically explaining to all the animals how tough it is to be a leader and how they should respect his decisions because, honestly, any decisions they made themselves would probably be wrong, and they need someone to govern them. The song itself doesn’t reflect this idea, but more so counters it. The song is explaining the issues with this belief, and is outright calling the people in charge pigs (who, in the case of Animal Farm, actually are pigs) and saying that they will eventually be “punished” for these crimes and sense of above-ness. The scene itself reflects the idea that those who may be less intelligent or equipped in certain areas deserve to be governed, which the song calls out and strikes down, especially the cowardliness of having those you govern do all your work/fight your battles for you.

    E) Pink Floyd’s “Pigs” is a song that comes to mind immediately. Besides the obvious chose of title, the song is all about the upperclass, the people with wealth, and the top of the societal chain. They have the power, and use it to manipulate those that don’t. It’s a very obvious connection to the pigs in Animal Farm, who use their “superior knowledge” and pretty much trick the other animals into following their orders and doing all of the work necessary on the farm.

  7. A) The music sounds very loud and destructive. I heard guitar and drums mostly during the song. The vocals were loud and sounded like the singer was screaming not singing. The music is describing a overthrow of power and a power vacuum
    B) “They leave that role to the poor” This is showing that the powers start the fight but leave the actual fighting to the poor and weak people.
    “Making war just for fun ” The powers start war to gain something, but can not lose anything. It is a win win for the powers.
    “No more war pigs have the power” The overthrow of power happens, and the powers have limited or no power left.
    c) If I created a scene for this song, I would picture something to do with war. The scene would be a group of soldiers who were abused by the leaders, The soldiers then turn on the leader and take control. The song would come in when the new leader emerges from the group of soldiers.
    D) The scene when War Pigs would go along with Animal Farm was when the pigs take control. They then make the other animals work while they relax and offer themselves food. on page 45, the pigs convince the animals to do the work in the field while they sit around. The songs would go along with this scene because the pigs have complete control over the pigs.
    E) One song that connects to animal farm is Beer for my horses by Toby Keith. This song is related because the higher power gets whisky and the lower power gets beer. Even though the powers do the same amount of work as the workers

  8. A) The song War Pigs by Black Sabbath can be described as depicting anger or frustration through sound. Instruments played in this song include the bass, guitar, and drums. The guitar holds the melody over the other instruments and is always heard clearly. The vocals have a quieter place in the song under the melody of the guitar, but the words sung are angry. The words match with how the guitar is played or how the notes sound. Overall, the song is angry and mean sounding. The guitar demonstrates most of this anger.

    B) The theme of the lyrics is the power of politicians and how they treat the lower classes, or those who aren’t politicians.
    Politicians hide themselves away
    They only started the war
    Why should they go out to fight?
    These three lines from the song show that the song is about the government or politicians and how they treat others. It shows how they take cover or shun the fight. Their excuse to hide away is that they are the ones who actually started the war, which isn’t an excuse at all. The politicians believe that they shouldn’t go to fight. They think leaving the fight and all the hard work to the poor and other people is okay.

    C) If I were to use War Pigs in a soundtrack in a movie, the scene would include a fight or battle between the “good guy” or the “bad guy” of the film. The scene would include the hero of the day first storming in to the villain’s house or lair. The hero would then come face to face with the villain and question the villain of his evil doings. When there is proof that the villain is actually bad, the hero would throw a punch and start a fight. The villain would then call his henchmen to help him defend himself. The song would play at the moment the punch would be thrown. The villain would be defeated by the time the song is over.

    D) [p.114-119] The song War Pigs fits well in this scene because it clearly displays that the pigs are in charge of the farm and are more privileged than the other animals. “Once again all rations were reduced, except those of the pigs and the dogs.” This demonstrates the fact that the politicians rise above the poor and the other citizens, as displayed in the song. The line “Generals gathered in their masses” also could represent the procession of the animals in order of rank praising their politician.

    E) The song Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas fits well to George Orwell’s Animal Farm. This is because the melody of the song can be heard as both angry and uplifting. The anger comes from the heavy guitar and the low notes that are played. The heaviness from the drums can be heard as angry as well. The song can be heard as uplifting because of the lyrics that are encouraging. This fits to Animal Farm because the animals of the farm have to “carry on” to survive the reign of the pigs and to keep the farm going. The animals also finally rise above the illusion that the pigs are making. The animals finally realize at the end of the novel that the pigs are almost exactly like the humans. The line “Surely heaven waits for you” in the song matches the animals’ hope for the heaven that Moses talks about. The animals’ hope is that their hard work will not matter as long as they carry on.

  9. 1. The music of “War Pigs” could be categorized under heavy metal rock n’ roll. Black Sabbath is one of the most popular heavy metal bands of the twentieth century. They are know for their epic electric guitar solos and larynx shredding vocals. The music is rather loud and out of control, which in effect, makes people excited and “pumps them up.”

    2. The theme of this catchy tune criticizes corrupt governments. For example, in the song, they say, “They only started the war. Why should they go out to fight? They leave that role to the poor.” What this is saying is that the government causes all of the nations problems and they don’t even solve it themselves. They “hire” poor people to go out to the front lines and fight for them and their problems.

    3. To me, this song could represent a dramatic moment. I think that this song could be used in a war movie, specifically in the USA during WWII when people were drafted into the army. In this scene, the song would best fit in if the solder (main character) was shot in battle and was dying on the battlefield. As he/she was slowly dying they would think about their regrets and get angry at the government for drafting them. They were chosen to do the governments dirty work involuntarily and wound up getting killed for it.

    4. I think the scene that War Pigs best correlates to in Animal Farm is when the pigs make all of the other animals harvest the crops and farm the fields against their will while the pigs stay home and drink the luxury milk and eat all of the good food. As described on page 45 of Animal Farm, the pigs convinced the animals to do all of the work while the pigs did nothing.

    5. One song that i think could pair with Animal Farm in “Another Brink in the Wall Part 2” by Pink Floyd. They say, “We dont need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the classroom. Teachers leave them kids alone.” What this means is that the people of a nation (kids) want to be more independent without the government (teachers) interceding and causing problems. War Pigs is a great description of Animal Farm because is expresses all of the things Orwell tried to express. Black Sabbath was saying that the government causes all of the problems and leaves the people to clean it up. They would be better off governing themselves or doing without any government at all.

  10. A) WAR PIGS is a dark song. The instruments include a guitar, a bass, and a drum set. Ozzy Osbourne sings by himself in a dark tone. WAR PIGS itself is a dark but catchy song with a hidden meaning.

    B) WAR PIGS describes how our government is evil. The line “Poisoning their brainwashed minds” talks about how the government is trying to brainwash us with lies. The line “Making war just for fun” talks about how our government just enters wars for fun and not for a good reason. The line “Treating people just like pawns in chess” explains that our government just uses people for their own gain instead of treating people as equals.

    C) For a scene that would go well with WAR PIGS, i would choose a preparation scene. Imagine two vast armies preparing troops, weapons, vehicles, and strategies. Machine guns and rifles being taken out of lockers while offices prepare their strategies for the upcoming battle. Artillery is being placed as planes fly overhead leaving trails of smoke.

    D) On pages 106 and 107, WAR PIGS would fit well with the Attack of Frederick. The connection is that as the pigs were safe in the back, they sent other animals to death in a conflict that could have been easily avoided.

    E) The lyrics describe what is happening in Animal Farm quite well. The pigs send animals to their death and treat them like pawns for their own personal gain. Also, the pigs brainwash other animals by lying to them often and changing the rules on them.

  11. A. The music in this song is very intense. The bass walks up and down, as well as striking some low notes under the guitar, which created an intense feel. Sometimes, the guitar and bass drop out, and the drums play only quarter notes on the hi-hat, creating suspense. The vocalist uses an intense tone, and uses intense lyrics, which adds intensity to the music.

    B. The theme of the lyrics is to describe a leader that is ruling with an iron grip on his people,and the people overthrowing him. The lines “Making war just for fun, Treating people just like pawns in chess, Wait ’till their Judgement Day comes, yeah!” Perfectly describe this. For example, “Treating people just like pawns in chess” Describes the leader not actually caring about what happens to his people, but still trying to control everything they do. Also, “Wait ’till their Judgment Day comes” describes the people overthrowing the leader and creating a “Judgment Day,” or basically the end, for the leader.

    C. I would relate “War Pigs” to a battle scene. The music is very intense, and perfectly describes a battle of sorts between to strong forces. Also, the song builds up greatly, and the battle scene could start off kind of quietly, building up to the end, where there is a lot of death and destruction, and ending abruptly.

    D. I think that the Battle of Cowshed can relate perfectly to this song. The Battle of Cowshed can be found on pages 56-58.In the battle of Cowshed, the animals of Animal Farm are overthrowing and fighting off a former leader, in this case, Mr. Jones. In the song, the lyrics describe overworked, over controlled people fighting off a force that has been controlling every aspect of their lives up until that point. In the story, the animals are fighting off Mr. Jones, who has been controlling every aspect of their lives up until that point.

    E. I think that the song “Wretches and Kings” by Linkin Park can relate to animal farm. The lyrics to “Wretches and Kings,” like “War Pigs,” depict people overthrowing a force of sorts, the whole story of Animal Farm is of overthrowing the farm and controlling it, so I think that “Wretches and Kings” is the perfect example of this, because it is also about overthrowing and controlling something.

  12. 1) I would describe the music in the song war pigs as rock. Some of the instruments used are the electric guitar and the drum. The actual music being preformed is loud and stops every so often.
    2) The theme of the lyrical content in this song is about the war and how it is unfair.”Making war just for fun” this line means that they think people are making war just for fun.”Poisoning their brainwashed minds, oh lord yeah” means that the government is brainwashing every-ones minds.”Satan, laughing, spreads his wings” means that the devil is laughing flying above everyone.
    3) If i was creating a soundtrack the scene i would pair with this song is a war scene that is very bloody and there is destruction everywhere with fire burning everything.
    4)The scene from animal farm i think fits well is when the pigs overthrow the people and drive them out of the farm. This scene relates because it was a war between the people and animals and it was very intense.
    5) A song that can be connected with Animal Farm is White Unicorn by Wolfmother because they sound similar and describe the war and how they don’t like it

  13. A) The music played in WAR PIGS is very melodic and is repetitive yet filled with many different solos. The instruments used in this song are guitars, drums, bass, and vocals. The vocals in this song are sung in a range from Ozzy regularly singing to high cries of “Oh, Lord yeah!” The music being performed starts off with mostly vocals accompanied by some rhythm guitar. However, as the song goes on, more instruments pick up until it is an awesome onslaught of finely tuned classic metal!

    B) The theme is that of people being controlled (brainwashed) by people of higher power. In the song, the lyrics of “Death and hatred to mankind” can be interpreted as the rulers taking the power from rulers and other people of power that they deemed unfit to rule. Also, “Poisoning their brainwashed minds” is seen as the new rulers “brainwashing” the people into thinking that what they are doing is right for everyone, and that it will benefit society as a whole. “No more war pigs have the power” is saying that the rulers have come in and taken complete control from these “war pigs”, or the common people.

    C) If I were creating a movie, I would pair this song with the scene just after Napoleon declares himself the head of the farm after the “excommunication” of Snowball. The song would start to play as the camera zooms out and fades into a new scene showing the animals hard at work while Napoleon and his close band of pigs and dogs don’t do any work. As the scene of the movie goes on, it would show the animals working harder and harder while the pigs sit around getting fat, and as this scene progresses, the music would pick up even more as the scene gets more extreme.

    D) The scene of the farm animals fessing up to crimes they did not commit and being slaughtered for it (pages 92 and 93) fits well with WAR PIGS. This scene shows for the first time Napoleon at the peak of his power and terror. As Snowball speaks of how great Napoleon is and all the great things he has done (but didn’t actually do), he is actually brainwashing the farm animals just like in WAR PIGS. Also, as the animals admit to their supposed crimes on their knees at the feet of Napoleon, it matches the lyrics in WAR PIGS of: No more war pigs have the power.
    Hand of God has struck the hour Day of Judgement, God is calling. Underneath the war pigs crawling Begging mercy for their sins.”

    E) A song that can be connected to War Pigs is MASTER OF PUPPETS by Metallica. This song accurately depicts how someone is able to manipulate people by telling them things they want to hear, and always have them come back to them. The “Master” is shown that he can manipulate people in the following lyrics of: “Master of Puppets I’m pulling your strings.Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams.Blinded by me, you can’t see a thing.” This song is similar to Animal Farm in the fact that Napoleon, like the Master, is “pulling the strings” of the animals and controlling what they do.

  14. A) In the song, the music is classified as rock, and there are a lot of guitar, bass, and drums. The vocals are calm, considering the message of the song and the genre of the band. The music is almost bitterly angry at politicians and rich people.

    B) The lyrical content discusses rulers that wage war for no reason, and yet have workers and other people do the fighting – eventually the “judgement day” comes and these rulers are punished.

    “Politicians hide themselves away
    They only started the war
    Why should they go out to fight?”

    These lyrics are calling out the fact that war is started not by the men who fight it, but by politicians who cower safely in their homes as war is fought. It points out the mindset that rulers often don’t see why they should take responsibility for conflict they started.

    C) If I were to put this song in a movie, it would be in a movie about a revolution. This would be the background track to the final battle, where the rebels would be storming the city that all their oppressors lived in. The song would reach the lyrics “Now in darkness, world stops turning…” just as the final home of the leader of their oppressors was reached, and the song would end just as the leader of their oppressors was killed, leaving the rebels standing triumphantly in silence over the body.

    D) In Animal Farm, I would set this song to practically the entirety of chapter 7. In this chapter, it discussed how the animals are all working extremely hard, and basically starving while doing so, but the pigs are basically standing over them and “supervising”, but not doing any work. This is basically the message of the song, which discusses rulers starting wars and yet not fighting them – similar to the pigs making the other animals do all the work.

    E) I would compare this song to “And justice for all” by Metallica. The song discussed corruption of government and loss of freedom/justice. This song could act a companion piece, discussing the corrupt people specifically, and their actions, rather than what their corruption has done to the country/world.

  15. Noah Sellers B Block

    1. The song “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath can be described as intense, and powerful. It starts of slower but gets a lot more enegry throughout the song. In the song, a drum set, electric guitar, bass guitar, and vocals are used. The vocals throughout the song are very powerful and have lots of emotion while singing. The music being preformed is very Rock and Roll styled with heavy guitar and bass.

    2. The lyrical content of the song can be described as dark. “As the war machine keeps turning, Death and hatred to mankind, Poisoning their brainwashed minds, oh lord yeah!” The war machine is just a metaphor like a lot of examples used in the song. The metaphor is goverment manipulating the population and “poisoning” their thoughts. These lyrics portray these ideas very well and explain them.

    3. If I was to use WAR PIGS, I would use it in a fighting scene. This fighting scene would start small and slow, and gradually get bigger and more intense. But, it was also fall down after getting bigger, but yet again build up. The ending of the fight scene would be very intense, but it would abruptly end, like someone wining the fight, finishing their oppent off quickly with one strike.

    4. For a part of the story that the song can be used in, I would use the Battle of the Windmill. It started of slow for the animals They hid and watched the humans breakdown the walls. The song also starts of slow, with little parts here and there. As the battle gets bigger, like when the animals start attacking for revenge of the windmill, we can hear the song being contuining on, and becomes heavier and heavier. (g. 106-109)

    5. A song that I enjoy called “Personality Cult” by Issues can also be used. The lyrics in the start of the song say to not listen/follow what others do, and “you can stand on your own two feet.” This can be saying to the Animals under the rulers can think for themselves and have their own ideas, and not to follow every single little thing everyone else does. It also says, “This is who we are, we are, a product of war.” This can also be used very well. Not so much products of war, but products of a generation. Products of people who were manipulated by the goverment, and didn’t get to have their own ideas.

  16. 1. Instruments featured in this song are eletric guitar, and the drums. The black sabath band’s genere is rock. The song war pigs is upbeat, loud,and eneregetic.
    2. The saying No more war pigs refers to the war ending because the pigs tookover. Day of judgement ,God is calling is refering to god telling the animlas to attack the pigs.Treating people just like pawns in chess is another quote from the song wich means the pigs are taking advantage of the non inteligent animals.
    3. For the scence war pigs i would probably use a scene in the under world, because the song sounds evil and satanic in a way .
    4. When i listened to the song War Pigs it reminded me of the scene in the book when the animlas attacked the humans to takeover the farm.
    5. I think other rock songs and ablums like Pink Flyods ablum “Animal” have many songs that relate to animal farm, the songs feature relations to humans as pigs, and other animals like in the book.

  17. 1. The music is loud rock music.The electric guitar and drums.The music is loud and crazy and gets people energized.

    2.No more war pigs have the power means that the war is over between the animals and humans because the pigs tookover.
    Day of Judgement, God is calling means that God is telling the animals to get ready to attacks the pigs. Death and hatred to mankind means that the animals shouldnt like humans.

    3.I would put the song on with a war or battle because it goes with the mood of fighting and killing.

    4.One scene from animal farm that goes well with the song War Pigs is the scene when the animals attacked the humans and take over the farm.

    5. If 6 was 9 by Jimi Hendricks is similar to War pigs so thats why i think it goes with the book Animal farm.

  18. A.) The song War Pigs could be described as more of a hard rock song. In the song, the electric guitar, bass, and drums are used. The vocals are more soft when the lead singer sings a line and then a loud guitar strum follows. The tempo is pretty fast but does get a little slow in some parts.
    B.) the theme of the lyrical content is more geared towards looking down upon political leaders and talks about how they do nothing to help what they start. “Politicians hide themselves away
    They only started the war
    Why should they go out to fight?”
    The quote from the lyrics of War Pigs talks about how political leaders always start wars and fights but they expect others to finish them. It seems as though Black Sabbath has a quite bias opinion on different governments, yet most people believe that to be true.
    C.) Because the song War Pigs is more of a hard core rock and roll song, I might pair the song with a scene that involves a feud, war, or any violent scene towards a government. It would be a very good song to use in a revolution scene. People could be storming the government “headquarters” or going on strike.
    D.)”The men gave a shout of triumph. They saw, as they imagined, their enemies in flight, and they rushed after them in disorder. This was just what Snowball intended. As soon as they were well inside the yard, the three horses, the three cows, and the rest of the pigs, who had been lying in ambush in the cowshed, suddenly emerged from the rear, cutting them off.” The scene describes ambushes back and forth between Manor Farm and Pilkington Farm. They both gradually start to get more and more violent. The song has parts where it starts off soft, then suddenly gets very loud in almost an aggressive way, sort of like what both of the farms do to each other.
    E.) If I were to pick a song that was somewhat similar to Animal Farm, I would probably choose Viva La Vida by Coldplay. The song talks about revolution and leaders stepping down, the song is connected to the French Revolution. So, like Animal Farm it talks about rebellions and leaders controlling them. The Russian Communist movement can be related to the song because they both talk about experiencing revolutions.

  19. 1.) I would describe the war pigs song as a cliche hard core rock and roll song. the song contains the normal band instruments such as the drums, guitar, and bass. the vocals have a lot of screaming and yelling like most rock songs. the song has an uplifting tempo and fast paced beat.

    2.) Based on the lyrical content the theme shows corruption and rebellion in a political society. ” Day of Judgement, God is calling Underneath the war pigs crawling Begging mercy for their sins” shows that the political leaders know what they did wrong and are asking for forgiveness, but are not going to get it.

    3.) if i created a soundtrack i would choose a song about failing and giving up because when Boxer gets injured most of the animals are sad and don’t know what to do in order to help him.

    4.) On page 138 when the pigs are playing cards with the humans fits with war pigs because its the final scene in which the pigs have finally become like humans and can not turn back now.

    5.) the song Helena beat by foster the people relates with the book because a rebellion song in which a revolution takes place and Orwell talked about the Russian revolution.

  20. A) The music in the song WAR PIGS by Black Sabbath can be described as a song that is voicing someones anger and disapproval about the way something works. Instruments used are guitar, bass, and drums. The vocals are a little quieter than the instruments being played but are sung very clearly. The music being performed sounds angry overall and you can tell that the songwriter is upset about something.

    B) The theme of the lyrical content is the problem with politicians and them using the poor to do the dirty work for them. The lyrics are angry and calling for change.
    Poisoning their brainwashed minds, oh lord yeah!
    Politicians hide themselves away
    They only started the war
    The first line is saying that politicians have already brainwashed the people, and implying that they have control over their minds and what they think. By saying they are poisoning their brainwashed minds, that means they are spreading corruption into already ruined minds and using them. They second and third lines are saying that once the politicians have started the process of getting what they want, they hide away. They started the war but they won’t be fighting in it. They leave that to the people they brainwashed into doing their dirty work.

    C) If I was making a soundtrack for a movie, I would use the song WAR PIGS in a scene where a “powerful” figure was speaking and motivating a crowd of people and convincing them to revolt and do something and create change. But once the people would start getting ready to go off, the “powerful figure” would leave a different way and not join them again until the rebellion was over.

    D) A scene that would fit well with the song WAR PIGS would be pages 120-126. In this chapter, Boxer becomes unable to work and is sent off to be killed. They realize this and soon Snowball is talking and convincing them that it is a simple misunderstanding and fills their heads with lies and making them think that if they do not believe him then they are against Napoleon. I think this fits in with the part about poisoning their brainwashed minds, and the theme of the song being politicians taking advantage of the people. Once Boxer was of no more use to them, they got rid of him.

    E) The song King for a Day by Pierce the Veil (feat. Kellin Quinn) could be related to George Orwell’s Animal farm lines such as : “Please, won’t you push me for the last time”, “So sick of playing, I don’t want this anymore”, “I’m tired of begging for the things that I want I’m over sleeping like a dog on the floor”, and mostly the lines “Now terror begins inside a bloodless vein
    I was just a product of the street youth rage
    Born in this world without a voice or say
    Caught in the spokes with an abandoned brain”
    By the end of the book the animals were tired and overworked. They were not getting benefits they were promised. They don’t have a say in anything and are caught up in everything with the minds that have been over influenced by Snowball. The song is sung in an aggressive manor and the music is also expressing that. It shows that this song is sung with anger and they want to be treated better.

  21. A.) I would describe the music in the song “War Pigs” as heavy and intense. The instruments that are used are the electric guitar, bass guitar, drum set, and vocals. The voclas are deep and show and explain deep emotion towards the lyrics and song in general. The actual music being performed is Rock and Roll with an accent of heavy metal almost.

    B.)The theme of the lyrical content can be desrcibed as fierce. One line from the content, “Evil minds that plot destruction” is one that stuck out to me and had many meanings. This line is saying that the minds behind war and the destruction of our lives comes from the ideas of evil minds. “Politicians hide themselves away” is a line that is very true when it comes to bad things happening, like warfare. When warfare comes up politicians realize that it is probably something they have done and do nothing about and as the line says, hide themselves away. “Making war just for fun” is an interpretation of politicians gettinig their countries into war for what seems like to the people for fun and no reason at all.

    C.)If I were creating a soundtrack for a movie, I would pair the song War Pigs with a very intense scene of suspense when something is revealed. The scene of the movie would be very dark and in like an alley way or some creepy old building and there would maybe be some type of chase between a killer and somebody else, or the murderer of the movie which is a big secret throughout the movie would be revealed.

    D.) The scene from Animal Farm that I think fits well with the song “War Pigs” is the scene on pages 56-58, when Jones all his men and othe farmers from Foxwood and Pitchfield marched into Manor Farm with pitchforks in attempt to take over the farm. The animlas got into position, launched their attacks, and successfully drove out the enemy. The connection between the song and the scene is that the song is called “War Pigs” and they are literally pigs at war. But the second connection which is the real connection is that the lyrics to the song can relate to every aspcet of the scene, from the politicians represnting the pigs, to the evil minds of mankind. I picked this scene of the book because in the beginning of the song when it is slow and powerful I can just picture the farmers in slow motion marching into the farm, and the scene being full of power and suspense.

    E.) I am not quite sure what song could be connected with Animal Farm. I would connect a song that was susoensful, heavy, and dark. The message would have something to do with evil or mankind, and war between good and bad almost. I would want to pair this content with a heavy metal or rock type of song but considering I do not listen to that type of music I do not know a specific song title.

    Brigid Scanlon
    B Block

  22. A) The melody is looped for most of the song with different fills and solos in between. Instruments are guitars, bass, drums, and vocals. The vocals include almost spoken lyrics then Ozzie hitting notes on the end, and other parts include his all out high-pitched cry. It starts off with the almost spoken lyrics I was explaining with fills mixed in and then eventually picks up into a nice metal groove.

    B) The theme is death, destruction, and people being brainwashed into thinking things. “Poisoning their brainwashed minds” – someone telling “them” everything they should do so its like poison to their already brainwashed way of thinking. “They leave that role to the poor” – politicians are giving commands but making the poor do them. ” Wait ’till their Judgement Day comes, yeah!” – one day they will get whats coming to them.

    C) I would pair this song with the part in the first chapter where Old Major is explaining to the animals that humans are evil. After he has just started to make sense to the animals the song would come. I can just see the line “Poisoning their brainwashed minds” playing while you see an animal nodding his/her head in agreement to what Old Major is preaching.

    D) Page 73 fits well with War Pigs. While it is not really a scene it describes what went on in the farm that year. “All that year the animals worked like slaves” from that page matches up with “In the fields the bodies burning” from the song.


  23. a.) The song “War Pigs” seems intense, similar to a rock song. In this song, vocals, various types of guitar, drums, and bass. Much like the music, the vocals were loud and sounded almost like the artist was screaming instead of singing.Overall, the music being performed is an angry form of rock and roll.

    b.) The lyrics explain the deeper meaning of things and almost criticize certain aspects of society. One line says “They only started the war. Why should they go out to fight? They leave that role to the poor.” This means that the powerful people like politicians start problems but don’t finish them. Instead, they leave it up to other, less fortunate, people to clean up their mess. Another line that stands out is, “Making war just for fun.” It seems like our country has been fighting in wars for ever and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to end any time soon. At this point, it seems almost pointless and like we lost sight of what we were fighting for. Lastly, the song says, “Poisoning their brainwashed minds, oh lord yeah!” This means that rather than thinking for themselves, people just believe what they hear whether it’s true or not. If a politician were to say something, even if it was lie, everyone would just accept it.

    c.) If i were to put “War Pigs” into a movie, I would use it for a scene that involved violence and intensity. It would also have something to do with rebelling against authority. A group of men could band together and attack their government in an attempt to overthrow them.

    d.) I would use thins song in the Battle or Cowshed because it is a very intense scene that shows the animals coming together to overthrow the humans. The scene is violent, similar to the sound of the song.

    e.) I think that “Pigs” by Pink Floyd could be paired with animal farm. This song describes the upper class and how they use their power and wealth to manipulate those below them. This is similar to the book because the pigs are in power and they force the other animals to do their work.

  24. A.) The music in War Pigs is very dark and the genre is rock. In the song, drums, electric guitar, bass guitar, and vocals are used as instruments. The song gradually becomes more upbeat and heavier. The vocals sort of fit the song; they are very deep and display a lot of meaning in War Pigs. The artist of this song shows lots of anger towards something or someone.

    B.) The theme in the song War Pig is dark and angry towards their political system. “Evil minds that plot destruction” is a deep sentence and it briefly identifies the type of people who plot destruction, evil people. “They leave that role to the poor, yeah” referring to the politicians leaving the duty of fighting for the poor to handle themselves. This sentence explains the ignorance of politicians and the disrespect the poor have towards them. “Treating people just like pawns in chess” describes the disrespect the politicians have towards the poor. The poor realize the hate against them and this ignites utter hatred between both sides.

    C.) I would use this song for a battle between two sides that despise each other, possibly politicians and the poor. There would be nothing special about the scene except for pure hate towards each other and violent fighting. This song is so deep and so dramatic that the violence in this movie would also have to be extensive to match the power of this song. War pigs would essentially be the motivation for the poor in this war.

    D.) The Battle of Cowshed on pages 19 and 20 would be a good scene for this song to play for. The animals (poor) are angry at the humans (politicians) for not supplying them with their necessities. This song is a motivation for the pigs and it fits perfectly with the violence on these pages. The dark song completely describes the feelings between each other and the battle scene also portrays this hate.

    E.) The song White Unicorn by Wolfmother indirectly is similar to War Pigs. White Unicorn is about young girls being used by alchemists to attract the unicorns so that their horns could be cut off. In War Pigs, the poor are being used by the politicians to fight in the battle after they have started it. Both songs have an indirect but same meaning. These songs are also both rock and they both have deep tones that match their lyrics.

  25. A) The music in War Pig by The Black Sabbath would be put under the genre rock and roll. It is also a little sad and slow at times. The vocals are almost like he is speaking and describing what he is seeing. There is a lot of electric guitar and many solos. It makes me very motivated and also a little sad. It sounds angry at the world and the people running it.
    B.) The theme of War Pig is dark and angered towards corrupt government.
    The line “Politicians hide themselves away” is a very true statement and describes how when something doesn’t go as planned politicians “hide”. The line. “No Mare War Pigs” referred to the end of the war/revolution. The other line is “They leave that to the poor” which is basically saying how the poor are left to fight and rich started the fight.
    C.) I would put the song War Pigs in a dark and intense part in a movie. Maybe a part where something did not go as planned or the “Good Guys” lost or got betrayed. This song would be put in some type of action movie possibly a war movie. It would be played in an epic scene where maybe something really is not going right or someone is dying/
    D.) This song can be played during any part of pages 68-69. During the speech the song would add an epic effect to the moment and inject a sense of pride in the animals.
    E.) I do not listen to much dark and intense music like this and really do not know many rock groups. The closest song to this that I can think of is Sabotage by The Beastie Boys. Even though the song is not as dark as War Pigs you definitely feel a sense of hostility and rebellion when you listen to Sabotage.

  26. A) I personally find WAR PIGS a loud rock song. It sounds like the people who made this song are really mad/angry. There are drums, and electric guitar and voices that make up this song.

    B)The theme of War Pig is revenge.

    “Politicians hide themselves away
    They only started the war
    Why should they go out to fight?”

    C) If i were to use WAR PIGS as a song to play during my movie, id place it in a war scene where there is a bomb about to explode.

    D) This song reminds me of when Mr.Jones comes back with a mob and the animals fight off the people to officially conquer their farm!

    E) I cant really think of a song to connect this song to. This song is loud and annoying. I also do not listen to Rock, I listen to soft non-loud songs . Songs like this give me a major headache =/

  27. A.) Instruments featured in this song are electric guitar, and the drums. Black Sabbath’s genre is rock. The song War Pigs is upbeat, loud,and energetic.

    B.) Politicians hide themselves away. They only started the war.Why should they go out to fight? This means that even though that politicians are the ones declaring war, none of them are fighting in it and experiencing it. They are not witnessing the horrors of war. They are not sacrificing anything themselves.

    C.) I would put the song on with a war or battle because it goes with the mood of fighting and killing.

    D.) I think the scene that War Pigs best correlates to in Animal Farm is when the pigs make all of the other animals harvest the crops and farm the fields against their will while the pigs aren’t doing any work.

    E.) A song that comes to mind is Pigs by Pink Floyd because of the obvious title and the genre of the music.

  28. A) The song War Pigs could be described as intense and angry. It voices the disaproval for controling and violent leaders. The song uses instruments that are powerful and strong such as the electric guitar, drums and bass. The song is rock and metal.

    B) The lyrics are angry and intense. They talk about the need for change in leaders that are too powerful and use there control for malice. Three of the most powerful lines to me were “Evil minds that plot destruction, sourcer of deaths construction, In the feilds of bodys burning, as the war machines keep turning.” These lines are meant to show how some rulers and politicians can use their power for wrong doings. When this happens, it is important to take them down and not allow them to rule in an evil fashion. This can closely relate to animal farm and the way that the pigs seized all control and power and made sure that they were above all of the animals. They were cruel to the others just like this song explains how cruel leaders can be.

    C) I would pair the song War Pigs with a scene that shows evil of a ruler. This scene would include a ruler comming into power and making sure that they are more powerful and more important than any other person. It would also show this ruler fighting their own people and being extremely cruel to them just to ensure their possition in society.

    D) I believe that this song would be strongly connected with the scene where the pigs killed many of their own people. This scene pairs with War Pigs because of the way the pigs murdered so many animals for small reasons. It shows the ruthlessness of the pigs and how they killed their own kind to keep their possition in society. It was so important for the pigs to be the most powerful that they were willing to do terrible things to keep it.

    E) Another song that could be closley related to Animal Farm is King for a Day by Peirce the Veil. This song is very strongly opinionated and shows how the people are tired of unfair and unjust people. The animals are also overworked and tired of being taken advantage of.

  29. A. The song “War Pigs” is a rock song with a loud instruments like the guitar, bass, drums, and lead vocals. Its very descriptive lyrics and the vocalist clearly is describing a bad scene and mentions negative things like bodies burning and war.
    B. The theme is war and and chaos.
    “Politicians hide themselves away
    They only started the war
    Why should they go out to fight?”
    This verse means that politicians cause wars but then during them the citizens of the country suffer for the politicians’s actions.
    C. If “War Pigs” was in a movie the scene would be the scene described in the song. There would be bodies and fields on fire. Most buildings would be rubble and it would be a tint of red. It would mainly show war and destruction.
    D. 101-105 The Battle of the Windmill is similar to “War Pigs” because during the war all the animals fight the humans except the pigs who just hide even thought they angered the humans just like in “War Pigs” it says, “Politicians hide themselves away,They only started the war, Why should they go out to fight?”
    E. Out of the Black by Royal Blood relates to war pigs because it talks about being ruled over unfairly and not talking unless you are spoken to which is how the pigs ran Animal Farm.

  30. A) The song “War Pigs” is a rock song with a lot of instruments like the drums, electric guitar, the bass guitar, and drums. The song seems unhappy and the instruments and vocals really show that. The vocals in the song really show how the song is about something bad, Overall, the song reflects something bad and sad.

    B)The song has to do with violence and disorder.
    “In the fields the bodies burning
    As the war machine keeps turning
    Death and hatred to mankind”
    These three lines show that there was a lot of violence and chaos. Everywhere there was something to do with war and violence. It describes a scene in our the war looked.

    C) If “War Pigs” was a soundtrack i think the scene of the movie it was in would show a battle or war between two groups of people who dont like eachother and it would be chaotic and scary. It would be lurid.

    D) 133-134 This is the scene where the pigs start walking on two legs. It shows how the pigs have more authority than the rest of the animals. It is the main sign that the pigs are the rulers.

    E) I think that any unhappy song could work with Animal Farm because the animals are working too hard and are not that happy. However, for the pigs, a more upbeat song would probably work better, considering they have easier lives.

  31. A) I do not have headphones, but the lyrics tell me that War Pigs is dark and because the Black Sabbath is rock i can imagine what the song would sound like.

    B) “They only started the war. Why should they go out to fight? They leave that role to the poor.” These three lines explain the relationship between politicians and war. They bring the fighting and then leave it to other people to fix it. They cause the warfare knowing that they do not have to fight it.

    C) From the lyrics you can tell that this song might be placed in a fight scene. Also because it is rock it could be played during a chase or during the climax of a movie to make the scene more dramatic.

    D) Many parts of this song can connect to Animal Farm. One lyric in the song War Pigs represents what the pigs in Animal Farm do to the other animals. “Treating people just like pawns in chess,” is what the pigs do throughout the entire book. They lie to others and trick them into doing what the want.

    E) I do not know exactly what song could be connected with Animal Farm because i have not heard all of it. But i would associate this song if it is rock to a dark song that has some message about government and how people live.

  32. A. The music War Pig by Black Sabbath can be described as very intense heavy metal/rock and roll. Some instruments played could be drums, guitars and a single vocalist.The words to the song sound very angry and the lyrics have some type of hatred toward something.
    B. The theme of war pigs is hatred evil and war. One line in the song War Pigs by Black Sabbath is “Evil minds that plot destruction”. I believe that this means evil minds together will try to change something bad into a terrible thing. Another quote in War Pigs is “Politicians hide themselves away”. This one quote really stood out to me. Politicians really do hide themselves away when something gets bad which i believe is very true. Another line from War Pigs is “They leave the role to the Poor.” This quote shows how the rich people make the war but the poor people play the role in it. Showing that they give the role to the poor for the war.
    C. If i was creating a soundtrack for a movie i would put the song War Pigs in a very dark and intense part of the movie. The reason why i would pick this song is because the song shows a lot of hatred and i believe it would be perfect for a scary part of the movie.
    D. I bleive that the song War Pigs would fit perfectly into the part of Animal Farm when the Animals take over Mr. Jones farm and the animals take control.
    E. I believe the song “Dream On” by Aerosmith *not finished

  33. A. The song War Pigs by Black Sabbath contains drums, vocals, bass, and guitar. The vocals are not as loud as the instruments, but they are very clear. The vocals convey anger and you can tell the singer is not happy.

    B. The lyrics of War Pigs include many messages of death and hatred (like the line “death and hatred to mankind”) as well as destruction. The lyrics “They only started the war, why should they go out to fight?” is not meant to be taken seriously. These lyrics are critical of the politicians and the other people who cause wars and expect other people to fight for them whilst they hide and do nothing. This is an argument against the politicians who think this way. They should not expect people to do their bidding for them. The lyrics “Treating people like pawns in chess” means that the people who are higher in the social hierarchy abuse the lives of the people who will fight for them. The poor who are fighting are exploited because their lives do not matter to the powerful leaders of the world. They don’t care how many people die, so long as they get their way. These people kill others to get what they want. “Begging mercy for their sins” means that the people who let millions of people die will be punished in their afterlife when they are judged. They will pay for their sins and they will beg for mercy, but they won’t receive any.

    C. I would pair War Pigs with a scene of an intensely fought battle. Then, at random times during the battle scene while the innocents are being slain, I would cut to a close up of the king or leader, reclining in a chair, having a drink in a castle somewhere far away. I would continue to cut back and forth between the two scenes until at the sight of the battle, most of the soldiers were dead, and the leader was completely fine, still alive, feeling no guilt for the lives that were lost, and all in all not caring.

    D. One scene in Animal Farm that would go well with War Pigs would be the scene when Jones tries to take back the farm. Even though no lives were lost, Napoleon did not contribute very much to the fighting, and he allowed others to put their lives on the line for him, even though Napoleon chose not to fight at all.

    E. The song ‘Master of Puppets’ by Metallica is a song that relates to Animal Farm. The lyrics “Come crawling faster, obey your master, your life burns faster, obey your master” fit well with the themes of Animal Farm. Napoleon forces the other animals to completely rely on him and him alone, forcing them to go ‘crawling’ to him and listen to him. Also, as Napoleon fails to adequately feed the animals who rely on him, their lives are shorter and they do not have any choice but to continue relying on the pigs. Their lives ‘burn faster.’

  34. 1. The song War Pigs is rock and has mostly drums, guitar, bass and vocals. The music is loud and intense. The vocals are deep but soft and sound angry. The whole song sounds like it is portraying dislike against something and negativity.

    2. “Politicians hide away. They only started the war, why should they fight?” These are lyrics from War Pigs. The theme of the lyrics is war and evil. That set of lyrics indicates that politicians cause war for what seems like no reason, then hide away and let the people deal with it. They start the wars then run from them. When the politicians make mistakes, the people have to pay and work their way out of them while the politicians sit back and watch.

    3. If this song were to be put into the soundtrack of a movie, I would put it into a scene themed around war and rebellion. I would picture it as a scene where a group of people, or a military, revolt against a leader they dislike. It would be violent and intense, just like the song. It would fit perfectly with the song, as the song basically describes that situation.

    4. On pages 38 and 39 of Animal Farm, the animals rebel against Mr. Jones. I think this song would fit perfectly into that scene of the book. This is because the rebel was violent and angry. The animals wanted their bad leader out, just like in the song. It was an intense warlike scene of the book that the song would fit into.

    5. Songs similar to War Pigs are songs by Pink Floyd.

  35. A) I would describe the music in the song “War Pigs” as intense and hardcore. The instruments that are used are guitar, bass, and drums.The vocals are dark and show emotion towards the lyrics and song as a whole. The music being produced is generally rock and roll, some might say that is is also heavy metal.

    B)The theme of the lyrical content would be described as intense and describing the horrors of war and it turns people evil
    “Treating people just like pawns in chess” – I believe that this is saying how in War generals are just sending their soldiers like they are nothing . Controlling them but not really caring what happens too them.
    “Politicians hide themselves away
    They only started the war
    Why should they go out to fight?” – This is saying how wars are started from conflict between governments and nations. While this is happening politicians send their troops into battle because of their conflicts but they never fight.
    “In the fields the bodies burning
    As the war machine keeps turning” – This quote is talking about all the people dying in the battle field as the war keeps going on.

    C)If this were to be the soundtrack of a scene in a movie the scene would be very intense and maybe suspenseful. This could be an action part of a war between two fighting forces. Or it could be more along the lines of a suspense part in a horror movie at its peek moment, like the killer just found the girl and stabbed her.

    D)A scene from the book animal farm that might fit well with the song “War Pigs” is when the pigs send boxer off to the slaughter house because that scene is intense and evil. One of the seven commandments was to never kill another animal. this is a changing point in the story because this is when the pigs fully go out of control with the commandments and not following at all. This leads to the pigs eventually in some ways becoming humans.

    E)I cant think of a song that can go along with the book Animal Farm. I can image that the lyrics would some how saying that how people turn into what they were against. This would resemble the pigs and how they changed into the humans.

  36. A) I would describe “war Pigs” as a type of heavy metal or rock and roll. The instruments in the song are electric guitar, drums, and vocals. The vocals are raspy, deep, and slow. The vocals and music is amplifying and passionate.

    B) The theme of the lyrical content would be described as intense and harsh. They are piercing and powerful. The line “Poisoning their brainwashed minds, oh lord yeah!” stuck out to me. Putting the words brainwashed and poisoned next to each other show the great deal that minds of the animals weren’t only brainwashed to hate mankind, but their minds are poisoned to which they have become what they hated. “Sorcerers of death’s construction” means that the pigs are the witches or creators. They constructed the way in which death would fall, thus becoming what they where fighting against; killing one another. “Time will tell them they are powered minds” is another line that caught my eye. It show that only what they do and make of the world around them will show the other animals truly how much power they have.

    C) This song would fit perfectly in a scene where the pigs are going against what they believe in. The song is about the pigs letting the power get to their head and becoming what they where fighting against. The song would fit perfectly around the climax off the movie also because of its intense mood.

    D) In chapter 9, Boxer gets taken off to the slaughter house.. all thanks to the pigs. According to he book, one of the rules in the 7 Commandments is to never kill and animal, and the pigs sold Boxer to the butcher. The song “War Pigs” would fit nicely with this song due to the fact that it provides an example as to which the pigs becoming what they vowed they never would. They lie and say that it was a hospital, and Boxer was coming back to fool the other animals. The song shows the true colors of the pigs.


  37. A) The music in the song War Pigs is dark, harsh, and quite oppressive yet upbeat. The song consists of guitar, drums, bass, and vocals, that all correspond with heavy riffs that correlate with the dreary mood of the song. In terms of the lyrics, the vocals consist of anger due to the emotion of the lyrics. The music being performed can be considered, in terms of genre, as Rock n’ Roll, but a heavy version of it due to its intensity of the instruments.

    B) The theme of the lyrical content can be expressed as, power causing people to do evil, which further results in serious issues and problems. “Evil minds that plot destruction, sorcerers of death’s construction.” is an interesting quote that explains that the evil in individuals can be the cause and creation of death among people. “Politicians hide themselves away, they only started the war,” explains that individuals from the government can and have started many conflicts, but they take absolutely no blame for their actions. “Treating people just like pawns in chess,” explains that the government is using people by forcing them to be involved in things that they do not want anything to do with, however the powerful individuals do not care because the people of lower power do not matter to them.

    C) If there were a scene in movie to correspond with War Pigs, I would do a seen that involves darkness and hatred. It would show masses of people that are being murdered, and the people would show immense hatred, fear, and sadness. Blood and tears would be shed, and after the bloodshed, the killed individuals would be burned in massive pile of bodies. And as the fire goes on and the bodies burn, the politicians will stand and watch the blaze, with a satisfying looks in their secure, cozy homes.

    D) I think the scene that could best compares to the song War Pigs could be the scene with the Battle of Cowshed. It could be best involved with this scene because this is a scene that involves bloodshed and hatred. Yet, even with all of the violence, the more powerful individuals, are not involved, so therefore they just watch and still control the others, without fighting for what they believe in.

    E) A song that could be best described with Animal Farm could be Masters of War by Bob Dylan. This song is about individuals who cause destruction of many things due to their pure evilness, greed, and hatred hatred for others.

    “Masters Of War”

    Come you masters of war
    You that build all the guns
    You that build the death planes
    You that build all the bombs
    You that hide behind walls
    You that hide behind desks
    I just want you to know
    I can see through your masks.

    You that never done nothin’
    But build to destroy
    You play with my world
    Like it’s your little toy
    You put a gun in my hand
    And you hide from my eyes
    And you turn and run farther
    When the fast bullets fly.

    Like Judas of old
    You lie and deceive
    A world war can be won
    You want me to believe
    But I see through your eyes
    And I see through your brain
    Like I see through the water
    That runs down my drain.

    You fasten all the triggers
    For the others to fire
    Then you set back and watch
    When the death count gets higher
    You hide in your mansion’
    As young people’s blood
    Flows out of their bodies
    And is buried in the mud.

    You’ve thrown the worst fear
    That can ever be hurled
    Fear to bring children
    Into the world
    For threatening my baby
    Unborn and unnamed
    You ain’t worth the blood
    That runs in your veins.

    How much do I know
    To talk out of turn
    You might say that I’m young
    You might say I’m unlearned
    But there’s one thing I know
    Though I’m younger than you
    That even Jesus would never
    Forgive what you do.

    Let me ask you one question
    Is your money that good
    Will it buy you forgiveness
    Do you think that it could
    I think you will find
    When your death takes its toll
    All the money you made
    Will never buy back your soul.

    And I hope that you die
    And your death’ll come soon
    I will follow your casket
    In the pale afternoon
    And I’ll watch while you’re lowered
    Down to your deathbed
    And I’ll stand over your grave
    ‘Til I’m sure that you’re dead.

  38. A.) The music in the song “war pigs” by Black Sabbath was very dark. It was a mix between rock and metal. The instruments used in this song were mainly guitar, bass, and drums. The vocals talk about war and violence and they are very dark. For most of the song it is the instruments playing with no vocals. The music is very deep and dark.

    B.) The theme of the lyrics is deep and dark almost hateful or evil. It basically talks about war the whole song.
    “Treating people just like pawns in chess” this quote from the song shows that the military leaders were putting their soldiers out like they were nothing and it didn’t matter if they were killed.
    “Making war just for fun” is another quote from the song, this means that the leaders of countries don’t care if they have soldiers losing their lives they’re just making wars for no reason.
    “Sorcerers of deaths construction” is another meaningful quote it means that the “sorcerers”, or leaders are just leading their citizens and armies straight into their deaths.
    C.) I would pair the song War Pigs with a scene of soldiers getting ready for war, because the music says right in the lyrics that the soldiers are basically being lead to their deaths by their leaders.
    D.) A scene from animal farm that could be connected top the song is when Boxer gets taken off to the slaughter house. The music relates to this scene because Boxer was a loyal worker but right when he is injured he is sent to his death.

  39. A) The music in the song War Pigs by Black Sabbath can be described as intense and powerful. Instruments that are used are vocals, drums, guitar, and bass. The vocals are softer than the instruments, especially the guitarist, but still have a powerful message. The actual music is very difficult to play, and is between rock and roll and heavy metal.

    B) The theme of the lyrics is very powerful talking about the hatred of war and the people that force war upon us. “Politicians hide themselves away, they only started the war, Why should they go out to fight?” These lyrics send a message saying that the politicians whom we should be looking up to are the ones who make the messes that we the people are expected to clean up.

    C) If I were to create a movie soundtrack I would use War Pigs in a battle scene where two troops would be fighting against one another. The scene would be dark and in a field where there is no sign of pleasant life. The faces of the soldiers would be tired and look as if they wanted no part in the fighting. The scene would depict the lyrics that I quoted in question B. The faces would have a look of betrayal due to the trust that had been broken from their leaders.

    D) A scene in Animal Farm that fits well with War Pigs is when Jones all his men and other farmers from Foxwood and Pitchfield marched into Manor Farm with pitchforks in attempt to take over the farm, found on pages 56-58. The animals successfully drove away the forces that had put them in much distress prior to their overthrow. The connection to the song is that the animals did all of Jones’ dirty work and he had them brainwashed to do what he needed done. The politicians represent Jones and the other father, and the poor people represent the pigs. In this instance the pigs defeated the higher power, which is different from in the song.

    E) I think that the song Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones is connected to Animal Farm. It is similar to War Pigs in tone that it is powerful and has a deep message with intense guitar solos. The song is about hard times and intense struggles which is what the animals face during Animal Farm. The song expresses deep emotion and concern.

  40. A. “War Pigs” is a hard rock/metal song. Instruments used include those typically found in rock songs, such as electric guitar, bass guitar, and drums. The vocals seem rather angry, which represents the meaning behind the song. The song itself is also angry, as it is about war, and dark yet upbeat.

    B. The theme of the lyrical content is war.
    “Politicians hide themselves away/They only started the war/Why should they go out and fight?” This line talks about how politicians are the ones to start wars, but when the time comes to fight, they leave it to soldiers while they hide, out of harm’s way.
    “Making war just for fun.” This line explains how politicians create wars for what seems like no reason at all.
    “Treating people just like pawns in chess.” This line is saying that politicians treat those who fight “like pawns of chess,” making them do whatever they want, as if they don’t matter.

    C. If I were creating the soundtrack of a movie, I would pair the song “War Pigs” with a scene that goes back and forth between politicians and soldiers. While the soldiers are preparing for battle and fighting, the politicians are safe in their home country, going over war plans.

    D. A scene in Animal Farm that fits well with “War Pigs” is the Battle of the Windmill, beginning on page 101. In this scene, Napoleon sends the animals to fight the men who have entered the farm. The animals are outnumbered by the humans, who are carrying guns, and many animals are wounded. While the animals are fighting, Napoleon is back away from the action, just as the politicians are in the song “War Pigs.”

    E. A song that can be connected with Animal Farm is “Master of Puppets” by Metallica. The lyrics “Come crawling faster/Obey your master/Your life burns faster/Obey your master” relate to how Napoleon demands that the other animals obey him, and that the animals go “crawling” to him, their ruler, when ordered to do so. Another line in the song that connects to Animal Farm is “Master of Puppets, I’m pulling your strings/Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams/Blinded by me, you can’t see a thing…” These lyrics reflect how Napoleon is the “master” of the animals, who are like “puppets,” as Napoleon “pulls their strings” to get them to do what he wants. Napoleon also twists the animals’ minds into thinking they are benefiting by the changes at Animal Farm, when, in reality, they are being treated worse than they were before.

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