Welcome to 2014-2015!

Titans of Literature


There’s no more denyin’ it, no stavin’ it off, no chance of avoidin’ it — the indisputable truth is that 2014’s summer vacation is coming to a close. Fortunately, this means that the 2014-2015 school year is beginning! And while the start of a new year is always intriguing, this September is setting itself up to be especially exciting!

Oh, what’s worth getting excited for, you ask? Well, how about the fact that we’ve got a new principal at WHS? Or, maybe the BYOD initiative that allows for in-class tablet/device usage? I don’t know, perhaps the start of the fall sports season? The Wakefield Warrior Marching Band performing music from Frozen? The new mural in my room (see above)?

Don’t worry — if none of the aforementioned got you amped, there’ll be something for you in this new school year.

I hope you all enjoy the final day of summer vacation, and I look forward to seeing you on September 4th!


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