IRONMAN: Allusions & References [D-Block!]


Today we are going to explore the world of allusions and cultural references in Chris Crutcher’s IRONMAN.

After our class discussion, click the following link! Once onto the new page, use the “Leave a Reply” function at the bottom to document what you’ve found out about your particular allusion/cultural reference!


1) Research and read about your assigned individual.
2) Identify & describe that person in no less but no more than six sentences.
3) Write the name of the site(s) where you got your information.

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  1. Larry King was born in Brooklyn,NY in 1933 and is currently 83 years old. He is an American TV comedian as well as a talk show host(He hosted “Larry King Live” as mentioned in Iron Man). He started as an Florida Journalist that eventually worked his way up to the top. He has had several wives and he has been married with the current one for almost 20 years.

  2. Rod Stewart is a singer songwriter. He was born on 1945 in London, England. He is famous for writing Rock, pop, blues rock, blue-eyed soul, folk rock, hard rock, and soft rock. He plays music with a variety of instruments including, vocals, guitar, harmonica, banjo, mandolin, piano, and keyboards. Rod is one of the highest selling music artists of all time, and he has sold over 100 million records worldwide.

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  3. Susan Butcher was born on December 26 1954, and was raised in Boston Massachsetts. She died Agust 6th 2006 in Seattle, Washington. Susan was mostly a sled dog racer part of her life. Studied at Colorado State University and became a veterinary technician. She moved to the Wrangell Mountains to pursue her dreams of sled dog Racing.

  4. Bob seger is an american singer-songwriter, pianist and guitarist. Bob was born may 6th 1945. Throughout his career Seger put together a band called the silver bullet. Seger was into rock, he wrote songs based on women, love, heartland rock and blue collar. still preforming today,Bob waas inducted to rock and roll hall of fame in 2004 and songwriters hall of fame in 2012.

  5. Ross Perot was american businessman know for being an independent presidency candidate in 1992 and 1996. Perot founded electronic data system in 1962. In 1984 he sold the company to general motors, and founded the Perot System in 1988. In his early life in 1949 Ross joined the united states navy. Ross is considered to be the 134th richest person.

  6. Jesse James was a bank and train robber. He was in a partnership with his brother, Frank and they robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. They were in constant danger with the police therefore were always heavily armed. James was also a murderer making him even more wanted by the police. Eventually James was murdered in 1882 by Bob Ford, a former robbing partner.

  7. Slim Pickens was a actor in many famous movies. One of these movies was Dr. Strangelove where he played a bomber wearing a cowboy hat riding a nuclear bomb. Many movies and shows he was in he played a cowboy such as in blazing saddles. Later in his life he died of a brain tumor at the of 64. Slim Pickens was a major icon in the acting business.

  8. the marlboro man is a figure used in tobacco champagning. He was conceived by the mind of leo burnett in 1954, its a cowboy in nature smoking a cigarette. starting in the early 1950’s the promotion of filtered cigarettes started picking up because it was proven that filtered cigarettes were safer. The problem was that they were also conceived as feminine so men (which was the majority) didn’t want to smoke them which was unsafe. Thats were the marlboro man came in because he is smoking the filtered cigarettes and his portrayal of that made them look masculine .

  9. John Dillinger was a criminal in the early 1900s. He was born on June 22, 1903. In 1924 he robbed a grocery store, got arrested, escaped, and joined a gang. The gang he was a part of planned to go to Chicago and plan the “most organized and deadly bank robbing” gang. The gang went on a robbery spree and got arrested, this pattern of events continued until the FBI shot him in 1934. He was only 31.

  10. Bob Seger was born May 6, 1945 in Detroit. He is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist and pianist. In 1974 he put together the Silver Bullet Band out of Detroit. They became the most successful band on the national level. Bob Seger got married 3 times and got divorced twice.

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