IRONMAN: Allusions & References [F-Block!]


Today we are going to explore the world of allusions and cultural references in Chris Crutcher’s IRONMAN.

After our class discussion, click the following link! Once onto the new page, use the “Leave a Reply” function at the bottom to document what you’ve found out about your particular allusion/cultural reference!


1) Research and read about your assigned individual.
2) Identify & describe that person in no less but no more than six sentences.
3) Write the name of the site(s) where you got your information.

10 thoughts on “IRONMAN: Allusions & References [F-Block!]

  1. Bob Seger was apart of a band called Bob seger and the silver bullet band. Also Robert “Bod” Seger is an American rock singer,songwriter,Guitarist, and pianist.
    He and his band was very successful in the Detriot area.His career was at his highest he signed with Capital records. He was a rock and roll legend.

  2. The person that I was assigned was Ross Perot who was a business man from Texas. He was a president candidate who ran for the Independence Party in 1992. He used to be in the army and then left and became a business man. He was very successful salesman and even started the computerization of medical records. He received the award for the greatest public servant and really helped a lot of people in his works.

  3. Larry king had a radio show called The Larry King Show.He was charged with grand larceny.He wrote magazines and worked with the West coast radio to get out of his debt.He was also on TV shows and movies.

    Larry King was an american television and radio host, actor, voice artist and comedian. He interviewed people on tv and the radio. he also hosts politicking with Larry king that shows on Thursday nights. He would interview anybody that walked in, his first was a waiter from a restaurant. He also had a show on CNN called Larry king live.

  5. Susan Howler Butcher was born on December 26, 1954 in Cambridge, Ma. Susan was an dog musher. Susan won a lot of competitions. She was the second women to win the Iditarod Tail Sled Dog Race in 1986, she the second four time winner in 1990. She was also the first to win four out of five years.

  6. Slim Pickens was born June 29,1919 in Kingsburg,CA. He died in December 8,1983 in Modesto,CA. He was cremated. He was an American Rodeo performer. His real name was Louis Burton Lindley, Jr. He was remembered by Comics Roles, “Dr.Strangelove” and “Blazing Saddles”.

  7. Marlboro Man is a figure used for advertising tobacco cigarettes. In the United States, where its originated ; it was used from 1954 – 1999. The Marlboro man was first conceived by Leo Burnett in 1954. The man advertised in the photo died from lung cancer.

  8. Jesse James (born 5 September, 1847—- died 3 April, 1882) was an American outlaw, best known for being a gang-leader, a bank and train robber, and a murderer. He became even more famous when he died than he was when he was alive. Before he became a criminal, Jesse James and his brother Frank James served in the Civil War as Confederate guerrillas, of Bushwhackers. With their gang, the two were the most active during 1866-1876, continuing their crime after several of their group were killed with an attempted robbery of a bank. Jesse James was assassinated by a man from his own gang, Robert Ford, who had hoped to “collect a reward on James’ head”.

    -Allie Patch

  9. Rod Stewart is a British rock star. He was born on January 10th 1945. Rod Stewart is 5*10. He was one of the best selling music artists of all time, having sold over 100 million records worldwide. He has had 6 consecutive number one albums In the UK

  10. John Dellinger was a gangster during the 1920s and 30s.He robbed 12 banks. He went to prison more than once for these robberies. He was the most notorious gangster of his time. John died during a police shout out on July 22 1934 he was shot 4 times.

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