IRONMAN: Makin’ a Mixtape! [D-Block]

D-Block Mixtape

In the fifteenth chapter of Chris Crutcher’s IRONMAN, Bo finally begins the race for which he’s been training: Yukon Jack’s Eastern Washington Invitational Scabland Triathlon. Although the task before him is daunting, Bo knows that he has prepared to the best of his ability and is supported by his comrades in Nak’s Pack.

In fact, the members of Nak’s Pack are so encouraging that they even make a mixtape for Bo to listen to while he competes in the triathlon. This tape contains an abundance of inspiration, as every member of Nak’s Pack selected songs that they believe will motivate Bo. Moreover, the group members have also recorded their own messages, offering words of wisdom, positive affirmations, and spiritual reinforcement.

It is in this same positive spirit that we will create our own motivational mixtape!

Click the link and follow the instructions!

THE TASK: First, reflect upon the effect that the mixtape compiled by Nak’s Pack has on Bo. Then, respond to the following prompts by using the “Leave a Reply” feature at the bottom of the page. For full credit, your responses must consist of complete sentences and demonstrate active engagement.

A) Provide the title of the song (and the name of the artist) you want to include on our mixtape.

B) Describe what you find motivational/inspiring about the song.
– Do the lyrics inspire you? Why? What are some of the key phrases from lyrics that resonate with you?
– What does the music sound like? Is it fast or slow? What instruments are used? What genre is it (rock/rap/pop/electronic/country/metal/dubstep/other)?

C) What words of encouragement would you record yourself saying to Bo? Write the message you’d want him to hear while he competes in Yukon Jack’s.

D) Imagine that a TV adaptation of IRONMAN is being made — what song would you use for the theme? Why?

13 thoughts on “IRONMAN: Makin’ a Mixtape! [D-Block]

  1. A- I would give him the song till I collapse by Eminem
    B-What motivates me about this song is that its saying to never give no matter how hard what ever you r doing is .Some of the key phrases are You feel like you wanna just give up
    But you gotta search within you

    You gotta find that inner strength
    And just pull that sh*t out of you
    And get that motivation to not give up

    And not be a quitter
    No matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your face

    The music is intense and fast the installment used is probably a mixer and it is rap.

    C. I would say to Bo to never give up and fight threw the pain.

    D. For the theme song i would use the song radioactive because it shows anger,pain and suffering in it.

  2. a) keep pace by chris norman
    b) i picked keep pace. i think it goes really goes with bo’s story it talks about reconstructing people, staying put, keeping it together, and keeping pace. this song is indie alternative. the song isn’t really fast nor slow. id tell bo that its okay to feel mad but win the race for him. if ironman was a tv show i would make the theme song “the struggle” by grizfolk because it talks about turning your life, struggling, and seeing your world torn apart

  3. A) Hate Being Sober- Chief Keef

    B) This song falls into the rap genre, the base and tempo of this song are fast loud and the beat is great and motivational. The lyrics are inspiring and make you want to keep going and want to prevail, every aspect of this song makes it a pump up song worthy of my mixtape which is absolute fire.

    C) The words i would say to Bo when i drop my mixtape (my mixtape is fire) would be along the lines of theres no better feeling than proving someone who thinks you cant achieve wrong.

    D) “Don’t Stop Believing” would be a perfect theme song for Iron Man the tv show because Bo no matter what people have said has not stopped believing in himself.

  4. The song I chose to use is “The Divine Infection” by Motionless in White. I find the fact that the band who wrote really seem to just not care what ANYBODY thinks at all and just does their own thing. These lyrics inspire me to do what I want to do and not what everybody else wants to do. One key phrase from the lyrics that resonates with me is “I’ll tie that rope around your neck and kick your thrown out”. This resonates with me because some people need to get their “chin out of the sky” (also a quote from the song) and stop acting like they’re so important. The music is fast and loud and contains instruments like the guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and keyboard/synthesizer. This song falls under the category of metal/screamo. I would record myself saying “Wyrack and his boyfriends ain’t s*$@ just keep pushing” I would use the song “Puppets” by Motionless in White as the themesong to the tv show because it could basically say to everyone negative in Bo’s life that they don’t control him.

  5. A)”Monkey Wrench” (Foo Fighters) B) The lyric of the song inspire me for many reasons. The main reason they inspire me is they are saying that they dont want anyone on top of them and oppressing them into work or opions that they can develop for themselves.C) I would say to Bo, “Listen up Brewster. That girl of yours, she ain’t gonna like it if you lose to those stuck up college snobs. Fact, she said that she might turn right around and date that Wyrack fella is ya lose. So here’s a tip, don’t lose. Wyrack is trying to turn you into his monkey wrench. So don’t let him do that.Destroy him” D)I would use this song for the theme, mainly the begining”

  6. A. Till i Collapse (Eminem)
    B. The lyrics inspire me because it says to never give up and always keep trying,Its rap and it goes fast.
    C. I would tell Bo to never give up,always try your best. And we are always here for you.
    D. The song that i would pick is the NFL theme song. I Think it is a calm song for it. Also it

  7. A: “(Stronger) “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger- Kelley Clarkson

    B: I find this song because it has a good beat and because no matter what happens you can always make a comeback. This song will get you ready to go and do the best that you can do and push yourself to a very high level.

    C: I would say that to never give up and to keep going no matter what happens and to also do this for yourself and for no one else

    D: The TV song that i would do is Stronger with is the same one i used for the first song

  8. A) Centuries by Fall Out Boy
    B) ” Some legends are told
    Some turn to dust or to gold
    But you will remember me
    Remember me for centuries”
    these are m favorite lyrics in the song. the beat that is playing when they are playing this is so energetic and get your heart pumping and gives you adrenalin. this genre is rock and the beat is fast. the instruments used bass, guitar, drums, and vocals.
    C) i would tell bo that…”this is what you’ve trained for, this is all yours nobody can take this away from you. no matter how many people told you that you could’nt do i know that you can and you need to prove them wrong!”
    i would use the breakfest club theme song because that sing is amazing and that song relates to every situation all the time and bender went threw alot int he movie and i feel like bo can relate to it.

  9. A) The song I would put on a mixtape for Bo is Bang Bang by Jessie J.
    B) I think this would be a good song choice because it’s very upbeat and they lyrics are very motivating and I think it would help to push Bo through the bike race. The music is pop but there is also a piece of rap incorporated.
    C) Some words of encouragement I would say to Bo is to push through the pain because when it is all over with how amazing it will feel to have accomplished the task he has been training for for so long.
    D) The song I would choose for the theme song is Skyscraper by Demi Lovato because it’s a way to use foreshadowing on how Bo changes and grows as a person throughout this novel

  10. A) The Eye of the Tiger. By survivor

    B) I find The Eye of the Tiger a motivational song because the lyrics in it are inspiring. Like “Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past
    You must fight just to keep them alive” and “Rising up to the challenge of our rival”
    The song has a regular tempo and it’s a rock song.

    C) I would say to Bo keep pedaling and whatever bump on the road you just meet shake it off.

    D) I would use the song Shake it off by Taylor swift for the opening theme because I feel it fits as the theme and also because it had “haters gonna hate hate hate hate” and “shake it off” in it too.

  11. A)Till i collapse by eminem.

    B)In the song he says he will never give up until her gets what he wants, which should give Bo motivation to finish the race.

    C)I would say to Bo to keep going and in the end the pain will be worth it.

    D)I would use the same song i used in A.

  12. Iron Man

    Title- All I do is Win
    Artist- DJ Khaled (Snoop Dogg)

    Motivation- The song says all i do is win so it means to keep going and believe that you can win
    Its a fast song but the rap kind of goes a little slower than the regular song tempo. Pop/Rap.

    Encouragement- i would tell Bo to not think of anything else than just crossing that finish line and to always remember to never give up and to think of how good he will feel to finish the race.

    Theme song- the song i chose was Eye of the Tiger. It shows determination and success.

  13. a) the song i would choose is Canvas by Rezonate
    b) This song is motivational because it helps calm me down when I’m nervous, “Realize the end of us is getting near, You’re just a drop of a paint trickled off your canvas. Delirious illusion flow back into the river of color where we analyze to try to see it clearer. Secretly appealing to a lonely prisoner. And now whats your vision?” that basically means that things are changing, you need to realize and accept it, so what are you going to do now? The music is a nice soft electronic music.
    c) I would put this at the end to help Bo calm down and relax

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