IRONMAN: Makin’ a Mixtape! [F-Block]

F-Block Mixtape

In the fifteenth chapter of Chris Crutcher’s IRONMAN, Bo finally begins the race for which he’s been training: Yukon Jack’s Eastern Washington Invitational Scabland Triathlon. Although the task before him is daunting, Bo knows that he has prepared to the best of his ability and is supported by his comrades in Nak’s Pack.

In fact, the members of Nak’s Pack are so encouraging that they even make a mixtape for Bo to listen to while he competes in the triathlon. This tape contains an abundance of inspiration, as every member of Nak’s Pack has selected songs that they believe will motivate Bo. Moreover, the group members have also recorded their own messages, offering words of wisdom, positive affirmations, and spiritual reinforcement.

It is in this same positive spirit that we will create our own motivational mixtape!

Click the link and follow the instructions!

THE TASK: First, reflect upon the effect that the mixtape compiled by Nak’s Pack has on Bo. Then, respond to the following prompts by using the “Leave a Reply” feature at the bottom of the page. For full credit, your responses must consist of complete sentences and demonstrate active engagement.

A) Provide the title of the song (and the name of the artist) you want to include on our mixtape.

B) Describe what you find motivational/inspiring about the song.
– Do the lyrics inspire you? Why? What are some of the key phrases from lyrics that resonate with you?
– What does the music sound like? Is it fast or slow? What instruments are used? What genre is it (rock/rap/pop/electronic/country/metal/dubstep/other)?

C) What words of encouragement would you record yourself saying to Bo? Write the message you’d want him to hear while he competes in Yukon Jack’s.

D) Imagine that a TV adaptation of IRONMAN is being made — what song would you use for the theme? Why?

15 thoughts on “IRONMAN: Makin’ a Mixtape! [F-Block]

  1. A.) A song I was used for Bo’s mixed tape is Thunderstruck this songs gets me excited because of It’s loud and excti

    1. exciting song
      B.) This song is inspiring because it is saying you are thunderstruck this song I an upbeat song Instruments are singer,guitar, piano. the line that sticks with me is when they say Thunderstruck.
      C.) Some words of encouragement is too keep going and do not give up
      D.) A good theme song is Turn Down for What because it is an upbeat and exciting song and it is a training song and this book is perfect for this song

  2. A) The song i would use isWhat I’ve Done by Linkin Park.
    B)I find the lyrics insprational because i’ve done bad and i’ve done good things but i always know that “i can start agaign”.
    C) I would say to bo” bo just keep on going it dosent matter if you win or lose as long as you beat wyrack”.
    D)I would chose Lose Yourself bu Eminem for the theme song if they made a tv adaptation, i would use it because it makes sense dont give up dont miss your chance.

  3. A) Can’t Be Touched (feat. 2piece) By: Body Head Bangerz
    B) Yes the lyrics inspire me, because in the song it has the theme of don’t stop keep going and keep trying and don’t give up. The music is fast and the genre is rap
    C)keep going don’t give up you can do it if you try had enough
    D)I would use a slower steady song I don’t really have a specific song

  4. A) Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard
    B) This song makes me feel more like a kid and have more energy to do stuff, the song is fast pasted, and the instruments they use are drumbs, guitars, the genre is a mixture of rock and metal
    C) Just live your life don’t look into your past just pay attention to whats going on in your life right now
    D) I would make the theme song Ocean Avenue bc this song is all about being a kid and stuff happens in life it’ll just get better over time

  5. A) The song that i picked is Here Comes the Boom by Nelly.

    B)I found that the lyrics “here comes the boom” inspirational because it makes me think of winning a competition it also makes me really want to the competition.It also makes the person that is listening to it be very confident about what they are about to do. They genre of this song is rap and it also is very fast past which makes it good for a race of any type.

    C)I would record my self saying “everyone wants you to win and that people should fear you” because the song is really about being a threat in my opinion.

    D)I would pick Beethoven’s Ninth symphony because it is kind of sad in the begging, but gets more and more uplifting as the song goes on even though there are no lyrics.

  6. A) Work Hard Play Hard, By:Wiz Khalifa
    B) This is the type of song to work out to and it inspires you to work hard and play hard. It has a nice beat that goes perfect with the song.
    C)It’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, that’s how winning is done!
    D) Work Hard Play Hard

  7. A.) The song that I would choose for the mixtape is “Centuries”—Fall Out Boy

    B.) The song really inspires me because the beat and the lyrics contain an amazing beat that I can get excited about. This is my new pump-up song before a game or if I need some re-encouraging for myself. The opening of the song especially, with the lyrics: “Some legends are told
    Some turn to dust or to gold
    But you will remember me
    Remember me for centuries
    And just one mistake
    Is all it will take.
    We’ll go down in history
    Remember me for centuries” bring a moment of inspiration that makes you feel like you could do anything. It’s a pretty moderately-sped song, and FOB is classified as “emo pop” with drums and guitars and all that fun stuff. Ah, FOB.

    C.) I would tell this to Bo: “You’ve probably prepared for this more than anyone else in this competition. You know what you’re doing, Ironman. In theory, you’ve already won. You got this.”

    D.) I don’t really know what song would be the theme song for a TV adaptation of “Ironman”. Maybe “Centuries”, the song I picked could work? Just a few select lyrics?

  8. Birdi Mylan
    The song I would put into this mixtape for Bo is Hide (Tropkillaz Remix)[feat. Aynli Jones] by N.A.S.A
    This song is motivational to me because it can be very good while working out or if your bo, doing a triathlete because it is very upbeat and it has a lot of base drops which could make you wanna push harder. The music is fast so that could help Bo and make him wanna go faster. The genre of this song is electronic.
    If i was recording myself saying something to Bo I would say “Bo you can do this, believe in yourself. This music will make you wanna push harder and go faster. You can win this!”
    If Ironman was made into a tv show, I think a perfect song for the theme would be Bad day by Darwin Deez. I think this would go with the theme of the book because its about having a bad day and in the book Bo has a couple bad days and moments.

  9. A) The song I choose is Rocko Ft Future & Rick Ross
    B) I find this song motivational because it has a beat that gets me pumped up. The song is slow but is fast at times. The genre is rap.
    C) My message to Bo would be act like it is the last time you are able to compete and try your hardest.
    D) The song I would pick for the theme song would be Ima Boss

  10. A.) The song I would want to include on the mix-tape is shake it off by Taylor swift.

    B.) What I find inspiring about is it is up beat and fun.In the song it keeps saying “Shake it Off” which could tell Bo even if he is doing bad not to be bothered by it. The genre is country pop.

    C.) The words I would want Bo to hear when he competes in the Yukon Jack’s is to do the best he can. Also to not go to fast in the beginning but not to be last.Lastly I would say to contract on wining.

    D.) The theme song I would use is “We are all in this together” from the movie High School Musical. I would use this song because it says that they are all in it together . And its not just one person struggling by himself. Bo gets help through out the book from the anger management group and Mr.S . To help him with his problems thought the book.

  11. OG-Kid Ink The song talks about how good his team is and how he started at the bottom and now he’s respected and at the top of his game. The song is pretty fast and up beat with a couple of bass drops. The genre is rap. I would tell Bo he should focus on the race and clear his mind opt all the junk that’s going on his life. The song I would use as a theme song is Don’t Stop Believing because Bo can’t stop if he wants to reach his goal. It would mean to push on through his struggle and believe in himself.

  12. A) I would choose Bring Me To Life by Evanecense because it’s very upbeat and very rock and has a good bass to run swim bike, work out in any way to.
    B)I choose this song because it has a good beat.its very fast most of the time. It has guitar, piano, drums and dubstep. It’s in the rock genre.
    C) I would say “good luck Bo this is what you’ve been training for you’r whole life, don’t mess it up.” To give him a little pressure.
    D) fighter because that’s what Bo is.

  13. A) High School Musical 1 – Get’cha Head In The Game (Zac Efron)
    B) What I find inspiring about the song is the lyrics. “I gotta get’cha get’cha getcha head in the game.” This is inspiring because it tells me you want to stay focused and succeed.
    C) The word I will say to Bo is “Keep you head in the game and don’t give up!”
    D) The song I would use for the theme is Let It Go by Demi Lovato from Frozen.

  14. A) The name of song I want to include in the mix tape is Candy Rain- Anthony Lewis.
    B) The way his voice goes with the song is lovely. The lyrics aren’t really inspirational because its talking about candy Rain. This song is fast . This song uses instruments such as a keyboard, and drums. The genre of this song is hip hop.
    C) If you want to complete successfully just listen to candy rain because the beat will show you the way.
    D) Let it go – Frozen I think its a good song for the theme because its talking about how letting go all the pain and Bo has been through a lot.

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