War Pigs! [D-Block]

War Pigs

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been analyzing George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM from a number of different angles. In fact, many would argue that the novel is considered a classic because it works on multiple levels — as a tale of farm creatures staging a revolution, as a parallel for the Russian Revolution and its consequences, and as a parable about power and resistance.

We are going to further our understanding of Orwell’s work by comparing it to another classic that uses animal imagery to express a poignant message. Oh, you’re wondering what classic we’ll be investigating? Well, it’s a classic of the most rockin’ sort.

Today, we’re listening to WAR PIGS by Black Sabbath!

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THE TASKFirst, take the opportunity to listen to Black Sabbath’s classic WAR PIGS (located in the video above). As you listen to the song, you may want to read along with the LYRICS (click for the PDF). After you’ve listened to the song, listen to it again (and as many times as you see fit) and respond to the prompts using the “Leave a Reply” feature at the bottom of the page.

To receive full credit, make sure you answer the questions thoroughly (full sentences/your own ideas), demonstrating active engagement with the materials at hand.

A) How would you describe the music in the song WAR PIGS? What instruments are used? What about the vocals? Describe the actual music being performed.

B) What is the theme of the lyrical content? Choose three (3) lines from the lyrics and explain them in your own words.

C) If you were creating the soundtrack for a movie, with what type of scene would you pair WAR PIGS? Describe the scene as fully as possible.

D) Find a scene from ANIMAL FARM that you think fits well with WAR PIGS. Provide the page number(s) on which the scene can be found, and then describe the connection between the song and the scene.

E) What song do you think can be connected with ANIMAL FARM? What about this song (music/lyrics/message/tone) makes it an appropriate pairing for Orwell’s work? Explain in detail!

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  1. A) The music in the song war pig was loud and the music made the song have an angry mood. The instruments in this song include an electric guitar and drums. The vocals were yelling, and you could tell the singer was angry.
    B) The theme of the lyrical content is that political leaders are the reason for war, but they are never the ones sacrificing there lives, and others do. The lines that support this theme are Politicians hide themselves away
    They only started the war
    Why should they go out to fight?
    They leave that role to the poor.
    C) If I were creating a soundtrack for a movie the scene I would use war pigs for is a scene that contains fighting or that is intense.
    D) A scene from Animal Farm that fits well with war pigs is when the farm is at war with the other farm and the windmill falls down. This scene fits well because all the animals are at war except the pigs.
    E) I think that this song can be connected to Animal Farm because the lyrics are very similar to wha is going on in the story. The pigs are like the politicians that are mentioned in the song, because they are leaders that made rules and are breaking them, also they are not the ones fighting in the battles even though they are the leaders of the farm.

  2. A.) The music sounds dark and really describing like bikers rolling into a scene of a movie. Very dark and mysterious and the rulers of the town. Just like the pigs in animal farm. Some instruments that I hear are drums, guitar, maybe a base. The vocals being sung are really deep and sound really concerning in some ways the way the tone is. The song it self sounds like when the pigs control the throne and control everything.

    B.) The Theme of the lyrical content to me is that it sounds like the view of stalin’s reign in the people’s perspective. Like “Poisoning there brainwashed minds, oh lord yeah”! To me it describes the use of propaganda in Russia. “Treating people like pawns in chess” like when the Animals in Animal farm are arguing about the milk and eggs, Squealer persuades them using fear and making it sound like it was mandatory for the Pigs to have them. “Politicians hide themselves away they only started the war why should they go fight it?” We can relate to the battle of the Windmill where their military leader comrade napoleon started the rebellion but refused to take action the war.

    C.) The type of scene I would put the song in is a scene where they go through their day as leaders like when they visit the animals, when they work the animals, when they just keep all the food themselves, and when they end up killing them in the end.

    D.) The lyric of “death and hatred to mankind” can be compared to when the Animals kicked jones out and made there seven commandments which the 1st is ‘whatever goes on two legs bad” Pg. 43. Relating to the humans in the story which they hated for the way he ran the farm and the way Jones and his men treated them.

    E.) The song that I chose is Run this town by Jay-z and Rihanna because it describes the animal’s point of surviving and the leaders thriving and how every day is gonna be a surprise you never know what is going to happen next. The message of the song I chose is everything can change quickly and the tone is the same as The War Pigs and there is just vocals no instruments. We can relate the lyrics to Animal Farm “I break the rules but I do not care”. Like in Animal farm where the rulers are doing human like things but adjusting the seven commandments where as if the Animals of the lower class do it they get a punishment

  3. A. The Music was full of guitars and drums. The vocals are normal for the 70s.
    B. The lyrics describe how political leaders send out men to war but don’t understand what they go through. “Politicians hide themselves away
    They only started the war.” This shows how the political leaders just send out men like robots to fight but they don’t realize the things they have to when they get there. “Making war just for fun, Treating people just like pawns in chess.” This lyric shows how the politicians don’t have to fight on the battlefield they act like they are not controlling people but like they are controlling pieces on a chess board. “In the fields the bodies burning, As the war machine keeps turning.” These lyrics show that even with the casualties on the battlefield the generals keep pushing the soldiers to keep fighting even if nothing comes from it.
    C. If I were making a movie I would show first the general of the army sitting back maxing relaxing all cool maybe reading a newspaper or listening to Toto and then cut to a shot of a soldier crawling through the mud while bullets whizz by and explosions are going off. After this I would show the soldiers casket being carried by other soldiers while the same general looks on with guilt on his face realizing what is really happening to his soldiers.
    D. I think the best scene that this applies to would be during the Battle of the Windmill starting on page 106. This shows how the leader stays back while his soldiers are getting wounded. The animals did not gain any land and their windmill was destroyed but the leader still celebrates.
    E. The song I would pick is Goodnight Saigon by Billy Joel aka Billy Mays. It is about the Vietnam War and I think it would pair well with the book. It talks about soldiers going down with each other and getting rescued by others.

  4. A) The music in the classic “war pigs” by Black Sabbath, is very Heavy and “strong” so to speak. The song has very unique lyrics as well as instruments. The lead singer, Ozzy Osbourne, sings with such dignity and with meaningful words. The song is mostly based off of wars in general, but specifically the Vietnam War, as he criticizes the leaders of America and their decisions about the war.

    B) the theme of the lyrical content is about war and politicians during the Vietnam War. The band criticizes the politicians around this time by saying “politicians hide themselves away… They only started the war, why should they go out an fight? They leave that to the poor!” This piece of lyrics depicts the fact the politicians will start wars, but expect and or make the poor citizens fight the war. “Time will tell on their power minds, making war just for fun. Treating people like pawns in chess, wait ’till their judgement day comes!” Is another piece of the song. This is stating that the politicians will start wars for just whatever, not really having good reasons. It also states that the government treats their people like pawns. So they basically control them. But it also says to the politicians “wait until your time is up” in a way. “Now in darkness, world stops turning. Ashes where their bodies burning. No more war pigs have the power” I chose this line because it shows the horrible things the politicians allowed all the dead bodies and ashes to happen. Also, after all the politicians are gone, the “war pigs” are gone as well. Ozzy refers to the government as war pigs.

    C) I would put war pigs at the scene where the animals of Animal Farm go to overthrow the pigs.

    D) I chose the scene where the animals overthrow Ye pigs. The song fits perfectly because it shows all the loss of the animals coming together to strike back. The song has a very heavy feeling to it and pretty much relates perfectly to the song.

    E) I personally think “Kashmir” by Led Zepplin would fit perfectly with Animal Farm, especially at intense scenes. I think this because it had an intimadating beat, a nice flow, and would over all look and sound great with one of the scenes. While the lyrics may not necissarily fit with Animal Farm, the beat and overall awesomeness of the song does.

  5. A. “War Pigs is a heavy metal song and you can hear the drums and the guitar in the songs. Also, the vocalist is Ozzy Osbourne and he is very well known for his heavy music. The song was the opening track on their album ‘Paranoid’ in 1970.
    B. “They leave that role to the poor” is one line of that I would like to look at. It really resembles the separation of classes and social hierarchy. This is because he wants to leave all the war and fighting to the poor people because people of a higher class do not want to die in war. “No more war pigs have the power” is the other line I wold like to look at. This line specifically because it talks about the pigs being overthrown by their own government. Finally, “evil minds that plot destruction” is another line that stood out to me. I see it as in the minds of the pigs using propaganda and manipulating the other animals.
    C. The scene of Animal Farm would be animals on a farm and the animals are being worked while the other animals are trying to overthrow the pigs.
    D. The scene I choose is when the pigs are telling the animals that they need to get the milk and apples because if they don’t then Jones will come back. I choose this because they are manipulating the other animals into giving them their food. Also, they are using fear and terror which goes with the lines I picked out in part B.
    E. The song I choose is Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil. I choose this because it tells about the most truculent events and history and it takes some time to acknowledge the Russian Revolution. It talks about killing the tsar and his family. This is connected toAnimal Farm because the story is based upon the reality of the Russian Revolution.

  6. A. The song its self is one of my favorites. Its a darker song , and the lyrics are both rebellious yet somehow actually calming.

    B.The theme of the song is how we should rebel against the politicians and it describes a scene from politics today even.

    As the war machine keeps turning
    Death and hatred to mankind
    Poisoning their brainwashed minds, oh lord yeah!
    Those are the most important lyrics to me and they are so powerful. I feel that this would fit really well into the book because they want mankind to END.

    C.I would use this song either when snowball was being cast out or when something else influental happened in the song that showed the pigs gaining more control

    D.LIke i said i think either the best scene would have to be either the overthrowing of snowball or maybe even the pigs learning how to walk on two legs and indoctornating the sheeps into there new catchphrase

    F. Iron man might fit nicely because well i can just picture iron man when i listen to this song.

  7. A. The music sounds kind of dark and mysterious. The instruments used sound to be, guitar, bass, drums, etc. the vocals are meaningful but kind of subtle in the song. The music it self is interesting and progresses to be more intense in the end.

    B. The meaning of the lyrics is the destruction and violence humans are capable of. “Evil minds that plot destruction
    Sorcerers of death’s construction
    In the fields the bodies burning” are three lines from warpigs that explain the meaning of the song. These lines talk about the the evil and destruction that can happen and “bodies burning” and stuff.

    C. I would pair this song with a scene of something or someone dark and ominous approaching a location in which they’re feared. It sounds like something that would be paired with an entrance followed by some sort of destruction or raiding of a town/village.

    D. A scene in animal farm in which war pigs would fit is the battle of cowshed. This took place in chapter 4. The connection of warpigs to animal farm is the fact that warpigs tells of the destruction that humans can cause and the animals in animal farm think that humans are destructive and awful creatures.

    E. If I had to pick one song to go with animal farm I would pick west bound and down by of mice and men. I would pick this song because it is loud, fast paced, and angry and it goes with the fighting that goes on in animal farm.

  8. A) The song “War Pigs” by Black Sabboth is heavy and dark with a strong guitar and drums. The vocals are very strong and noticeable that the singer means what he is singing. The song relates to wars and rebellions.

    B) The theme of the lyrics are about wars and who ends up fighting the wars along with reasons to go to war and the effects. The lyrics described a rebellion, similar to Animal Farm. “They only started the war, why should they go out to fight? They leave that role to the poor” relates back to Mr. Jones and the humans versus the animals on Animal Farm. “Evil minds that plot destruction, sorcerers of death’s construction” is the reason why wars begin. “Now in darkness world stops turning, ashes where the bodies burning” represents an aftermath of a battle such as the one in Animal Farm with Mr. Jones.

    C) I would put the song to a battle in the Animal Farm.

    D) A scene I would pair the song with is the Battle of Cowshed. I would choose this because it describes the war between the humans and the animals. It would show hoe violent the battle was.

    E) I would choose Bad Company by Five Finger Death punch. This is because it describes a violent and deadly world, relating back to animal farm with the number of battles and the way animals and people were killed.

  9. a.The music in war pigs was very instrumental. The instruments mostly used was the electric guitar and the drums. The vocals were talking about how governments take advantage of the people living under them. The music was very harsh.
    b.The theme of the lyrics was governments take advantage of loyal subjects. Three lines that prove this is are “poisoning their brainwashed minds” this means governments brainwash peoples minds to always believe them, “they only started the war. Why should they go out to fight?” This shows government officials declare war but don’t suffer the repercussions, “making war just for fun” this shows governments declare war just because they wanted to.
    c.I would pair the song with a battle scene where people are dying and people keep giving orders to send them to their death.
    d.I would match it with the part of the book where they fight Frederick(page 108). This scene is connected to the song because most of the pigs hid in the back or did not fight at all, while other animals died.
    e.The song pairs well with the book because it shows how the pigs do not care about the animals.

  10. A)The music in the song War Pigsby black sabbath is very deep and heavy and strong.A lot of different lyrics in the song then you would hear in a more modern one.The Instruments that are being used in the song are gutars,drums,base and maybe an electric guitar.The song sounds like the pigs are kind of like the dicators in the song and they control everything.

    B)The Theme in the song war pigs I think would be the leaders looking down on everyone and how the people respond to it. “Generals Gathered in their masses” This means that the leaders of the farm or of a country meeting and discussing the recent problems in the country. “Politicians hide themselves away” The Politicians were the ones who started everything and now that everything is going downward they do not want to be blamed for so they go into hiding. “Making war just for fun” since the leader hace nothing else to do they start wars wiht someone or something that they did not need to just because they were bored or had nothing to do.

    C)The type of scene I would put this song into is when all of the animals of the farm are going to take over the pigs because the pigs are not doing what they are suppose to be doing.

    D)In chapter 5 after Snowball finishes speaking, Napoleon then he sends his vicious dogs to chase after and kill snowball it shows how mad and crazy the pigs were and what they would do to keep on being a leader.

    E) The song is called Missing In Action and it is by Avenged Sevenfold. And one of the lyrics that they say in the song is “Fight for your rights” this kind of leans toward the animals fighting against the pigs who are mistreating them.

    1. A) The music in the song has a sound to it that seems mysterious and dark as a result of the mixture oft he guitar and vocals. The instruments used in the song is mostly just guitar,bass, and drums.The vocals are explaining a bad situation in a meaningful way. The music itself was very intense and got louder and more intense throughout it.

      B)The theme of the song would be the leaders look down and treat people like they are nothing. “politicians hide themselves away… They only started the war, why should they go out an fight? They leave that to the poor!” This explains that the leaders believed they make decisions and leave it to the poor to risk there lives.Also, “poisoning their brainwashed minds” means that the leaders can get them to think the way want them to and no one will go against it.

      C)The type of scene I would put this is in is just a all out battle going on in a farm with a bunch of pigs watching from a distance.

      D) Near the beginning of the book the pigs would tell all the other animals that they needed the milk and apples and they are the reason that jones is gone and if it wasn’t for them he would come back. This was a form of the pigs brainwashing the animals.

      E)The song Over My Head-The Fray because that could go along with how the pigs were all over there heads with the power they had.

  11. A.) The music in the song war pigs is loud sounding and intense. The use of electric guitar and the heavy drumming make the song feel more real as if you were at the scene of a fight or a battle, the singers high pitched voice adds to the intensity and towards the end of the song the beat sounds sort of like a triumph.

    B.) i Think the theme of war pigs is leadership relatinbg to the leadership by the pigs over the other animals on the farm. “in the field bodies burning” reminds me of the dead bodies from the battle of cowshed. “death and hatred to mankind” that is the reason for the revolt in the first place. “Poisoning their brainwashed minds” the pigs have brainwashed the other animals especially boxer to work harder with little if any reward.

    C.) The song warpigs i think could go on the soundtrack for a movie like Rocky or any movie with an underdog story or a cause being fought for.

    D.) I think that the song war pigs would fit perfectly with the battle of the cowshed. I feel that the mysteriousness and intensity would fit perfectly with the fighting and if it were in the movie it would make that scene that much better.

    E.) I chose every breaking wave by U2 because its abojut feeling helpless against authority like the animals did againts the humans until they summoned the courage to revolt and fight back.

  12. A) it is a low tone song but its very intense. the instruments used are vocals,drums, and base guitar. the music is about evil and its an anti-war song, its almost like there protesting in song form.

    B) i chose the lyrics “They only started the war
    Why should they go out to fight?
    They leave that role to the poor, yeah”
    I believe it means that there mad because the rich people started the war and they only expect the poor people to go and fight and defend then when they originally started the fight and now there walking away from it.

    C) if i had to create a scene based on this song i would do a scene of 2 sides of a fight getting ready by getting weapons together and getting there armies together, then towards the end of the song it would be the 2 walking towards each other on a battle field during dawn.

    D) i think the perfect scene for this song is when the pigs begin to kill the animals and break all of the rules because this song i feel explains how the animals viewing this tragedy would feel , its a combination of anger and drive to either end the war or fight for the good side of it.

    E) the song i chose is “eye of the tiger” by survivor because the songs tone just by itself is very assertive and catchy and the song is about having a certain fight inside of you that is fierce and is in it to win it. i think it describes the rebellion of the animals on the pigs.

  13. A.) The music in the song War Pigs fits the book perfectly. The instruments that I heard are a guitar, drums, and a base. The vocals talk about pigs being destructive and not following rules. The pigs in the song could actually be people who break rules and are destructive.

    B.) The theme of the song is the pigs are in control. They are the “kings” of the farm and they do whatever they want. “Evil minds that plot destruction,” is talking about the pigs who planned everything. “Death and hatred to mankind,” is talking about how the pigs hated humans, especially Mr. Jones. “Politicians hide themselves away They only started the war,” is referencing the pigs who started everything but they do not fight.

    C.) I would put this song to a scene in a movie when a bunch of thugs walking into a casino in Vegas and they are about to rob it. I can’t tell you why but it just feels like the perfect song for a scene like that.

    D.) I would put this song to the scene when all the animals take over the farm from Mr. Jones because all of the animals rebel and the pigs are the leaders.

    E.) The song Survival by Eminem reminds me of Animal Farm because he says “this is survival of the fittest,” and the pigs where the ones who survived. He also says “This is do or die.” The smaller animals didn’t do much so they died.

  14. A)The song “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath is very powerful and dark. Its very dark and mysterious which symbolizes, to me, the pigs at the farm. The instruments, drums, bass and guitar, are played deep as well as the vocals. I feel that this song really represents the pigs controlling everything and being the leaders at the farm.

    B)To me the song represents Stalin. I think it represents Stalin because he was a very powerful leader. He was very intimidating to many many people. In the song there were many examples to our prior section which was propaganda. There were two lyric lines that really stuck out to me were “Treating people like pawns in chess” and “Poisoning their brainwashed minds, oh lord yeah.” When the pigs took the milk, apples and eggs they made it seem like it was mandatory that they needed them. Listening to this song there were a few lines that reminded me of the armed men coming and blowing up the windmill. The one that stood out to me the most was “Politicians hide themselves away they only started the war why should they go fight it?” This relates to the attack at the windmill when Mr.Frederick’s armed men attacked the animals.

    C) The scene that would best fit War Pigs would be a vicious battle that is dark and gloomy. From the book it would relate to the battle at the windmill.

    D) The scene from Animal Farm that best fits to describe this song is when the animals of the farm takeover the pigs. This is because the pigs have been taking advantage of all the animals and taking the food that was for everyone. The animals were sick of them overpowering everyone so they rebelled.

    E) The song, to me, that best describes Animal Farm is “Don’t stop me now” by Queen. The lyrics which is the chorus to the song “Don’t stop me now, I’m having such a good time, I’m having a ball, Don’t stop me now, If you wanna have a good time, Just give me a call” This describes the pigs in Animal Farm because the whole time they get to have what they want because they are the leaders of the farm and they got away with stealing the apples and milk and they are having such a good time.

  15. A) The music in the song War Pigs is dark. The instruments used in this song are mostly guitars. In some parts there are symbols and for the majority of the song there’s one vocalist. The vocals in this song are deep and they talk about leaders only care about wining and not about the people and war. The music being played is dark

    B) The theme of this lyrical is war and the war leaders who are the master minds .the three lyrics I chose are, “Treating people just like pawns in chess” The leaders don’t look at people as human being but separate war machines that as disposable and can win for them. “They leave that role to the poor” the rich don’t have to fight in the war, but the poor get chosen to fight. “Evil minds that plot destruction” These people are the leaders who don’t go out in the front lines and fight and are the masterminds behind the whole thing.

    C) if I was pairing the song war pigs to a movie scene I would pair it with a scene that had war in it. I would make sure to include the leaders and generals since there in the song. The scene would be on a war field and it would be a war between 2 groups and every so often there would be glimpses of the leaders watching the war from afar

    D) I would pair the war pigs song with the scene from chapter 7, when Napoleon launches a purge. Napoleon makes the animals confess what they did with snowball. If Napoleon thought they were guilty he would order the dogs to kill the animals. In this scene Napoleon also asks the chickens to give up their eggs, the chickens rebel and Napoleon cuts off their food supply.

    E) The song “somethings not right here” by One Republic can be connected to animal farm. In this song the most of the lyrics represent the animal’s dedication to napoleon and how the farm changes throughout the book. Some of the lyrics are,

    Your confusion, it’s gonna kill me
    I broke for you, I woke for you
    You taught me through,
    I see the signs are out of line
    No fault of mine
    Except for don’t say his name now
    These lyrics can be paired with all the animals other than the pigs working for napoleon. In the later chapters snow ball gets kicked out and napoleon starts changing the commandments. The line “except for don’t say his name now” refers to when napoleon exiles a traitor.

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