War Pigs! [F-Block]

War Pigs

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been analyzing George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM from a number of different angles. In fact, many would argue that the novel is considered a classic because it works on multiple levels — as a tale of farm creatures staging a revolution, as a parallel for the Russian Revolution and its consequences, and as a parable about power and resistance.

We are going to further our understanding of Orwell’s work by comparing it to another classic that uses animal imagery to express a poignant message. Oh, you’re wondering what classic we’ll be investigating? Well, it’s a classic of the most rockin’ sort.

Today, we’re listening to WAR PIGS by Black Sabbath!

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THE TASKFirst, take the opportunity to listen to Black Sabbath’s classic WAR PIGS (located in the video above). As you listen to the song, you may want to read along with the LYRICS (click for the PDF). After you’ve listened to the song, listen to it again (and as many times as you see fit) and respond to the prompts using the “Leave a Reply” feature at the bottom of the page.

To receive full credit, make sure you answer the questions thoroughly (full sentences/your own ideas), demonstrating active engagement with the materials at hand.

A) How would you describe the music in the song WAR PIGS? What instruments are used? What about the vocals? Describe the actual music being performed.

B) What is the theme of the lyrical content? Choose three (3) lines from the lyrics and explain them in your own words.

C) If you were creating the soundtrack for a movie, with what type of scene would you pair WAR PIGS? Describe the scene as fully as possible.

D) Find a scene from ANIMAL FARM that you think fits well with WAR PIGS. Provide the page number(s) on which the scene can be found, and then describe the connection between the song and the scene.

E) What song do you think can be connected with ANIMAL FARM? What about this song (music/lyrics/message/tone) makes it an appropriate pairing for Orwell’s work? Explain in detail!

12 thoughts on “War Pigs! [F-Block]

  1. Dylan Dennen
    A)The music in the song war pigs
    is centralized on the guitar solo in the song.
    the guitar provides the main beat of the song.
    the instuments used are drums, guitar and vocals
    the vocals arent being sang they are being

    B)Now in darkness, world stops turning-
    this line is meant to show that thier is a dictator that took over

    Ashes where their bodies burning –
    this line is meant to show that this will not be forgotten
    Treating people just like pawns in chess –
    this line shows that people have no power/ control

    C)if i was making a soundtrack for a moive
    this song would go before a big action scene

    D)pg. 38-39 this is the scene when the animals
    take over the farm and i think the song
    war pigs would fit well in it because of its
    symbolic nature.

    E)the song that i think could be connected
    to aninmal farm is carry on by avenged sevenfold
    because the song is about a somebody
    taking over a dictator/ power figure
    that isinit liked and that they must carry on.

  2. A) The music is like classic rock, They use drums, and guitars, The vocals is one moment he’s singing normal then he starts scream singing

    B) “Evil minds that plot destruction, Sorcerers of death’s construction, In the fields the bodies burning” They are making it sound like some peoples minds are evil and want destruction and they’re construction and bodies are burning in the fields

    C) I’d put it into a war movie and have a scene where they are at war and buildings are being destroyed and body’s burning

    D) Pg 28-29 “Man is the only real enemy we have. Remove Man from the scene, and the root cause of hunger and overwork is abolished for ever.” this would be a good scene for the song “War Pigs”

    E) A good song for Animal Farm in my opinion would probable be “Battle Scars by Lupe Fiasco” its a song about people being hurt and struggling, and in the book all the animals but the pigs are struggling because the pigs take all the apples and milk because its “brain food” when they just want it because they can scare the animals into giving it to them

  3. Birdi Mylan
    A.) The music being used in the song “War pigs” can be described as rock. Guitars and bass’s are being used. The vocals are more like yelling and talking than actual singing. The music being performed is being performed as heavy rock music.
    B.) The theme of the lyrics is war and how it is violent and horrible.
    Generals gathered in their masses – General s get gathered to make war plans
    Just like witches at black masses – there are large amounts of them
    Evil minds that plot destruction – they plot war and war plans
    C.) If i had to out the song “War pigs” into a scene in a movie it would be a scene with a lot of violence and destruction. It would probably be a scene where soldiers are in battle and everyone is getting hit and dying.
    D.) A scene from animal farm that goes well with the song “War pigs” is in the beginning of the book when all the animals just suddenly get together and take over the farm from the farmer. I think this song would go well with the scene because it is a intense scene where the animals suddenly take over and take out the farmer. Even when the farmer tries to fight back but there are just too many animals against the farmer.
    E.) A song i would chose that i think goes with animal farm is “Bigger than us” by White lies. I think this song would go with animal farm because of the tone of the song and i think it would go well with a intense, action scene.

  4. A) – loud, electric
    – Guitar
    B) – the theme is action
    – Generals gathered in their masses, a large amount of soldiers gather
    – Just like witches at black masses, using irony and an opposite scene
    – Evil minds that plot destruction, people that plan plots to destroy things
    C) – at the end of a movie after action or the climax happens
    D) – the scene where the animals revolt against the humans to gain control of Animal Farm, it shows action and achievement
    E) The idea of this song is the same as the story, but on a smaller scale where a group of animals revolt to gain control of the Animal farm and not a War against countries

  5. A) The music is very rock-like. Some instruments used are the electric guitar, drums and other rock instruments. The vocals are screechy and very inthusiastic about what they are singing about.
    B) Generals gathered in their masses
    Just like witches at black masses
    Evil minds that plot destruction.
    I think what they are saying in these three lines is that there are evil generals that are plotting an evil plan behind the scenes. They are making it look like they are doing good things, but they are really doing evil things.
    C) you would find it in an action scene or a scene where somebody is preparing for an action scene.
    D) The scene where they fight off mr jones. Found in chapter 2 on pages 38-39
    E) revolution by the beatles

  6. A.) It doesn’t sound exactly like stereotypical heavy metal music. I mean, there’s the usual guitar, drum set, and bass in the background. The vocals are very clear and you can hear all the words without looking at the lyrics. There are a lot of instrumental breaks in between verses, too. When Osbourne starts to sing, he might as well be singing a capella, since there is little to no sounds backing him up.

    B.) “Making war just for fun
    Treating people just like pawns in chess
    Wait ’till their Judgement Day comes, yeah!”
    I’m sensing a theme that until war actually becomes a reality, most people have it in the back of their mind and they don’t actually care about it until their own personal lives become involved.

    C.) For the beginning of the scene, I would probably have the usual “slo-mo walking to the duel/fight/whatever” kind of feel. When the vocals come into play, it’s kind of like the stand-off. The rest of the song is when they’re actually fighting.

    D.) This could be two certain scenes, depending on your views. Personally, I see it firstly as when the animals actually start the revolution and kick out Jones, on page 38 and into page 39. The connection to the song and this scene is before the animals are getting whipped by Jones and his men, you can hear the first minute or so of the song. Once the first whip goes, you can start hearing when the lyrics come in. Animals attack, the guitar part at 1:46 in the song on the video.

    E.) Another song that could possibly fit into “Animal Farm” somehow is “This Is War” by Thirty Seconds To Mars ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zcps2fJKuAI ). Even though in the music video, it says that it’s a song about peace, you can kind of relate some of the music to some of the scenes in the book, like when the animals are starting to plan their revolution against the human race, you can hear the beginning of the song being played. The song is generally about the mayhem and the destruction that war brings into the world, whether it be catastrophic or minor.
    “War Pigs” can easily fit into Orwell’s work because of the word developed from his work; Orwellian. War is orwellian. The plot in “Animal Farm” is orwellian. His other book’s plot, “1984”, is definitely orwellian. The tone, if you think about it, in “War Pigs” can be pretty dark. It obviously discusses war indirectly, but it brings in good points about how politicians deal with war (” Politicians hide themselves away/They only started the war/Why should they go out to fight?”) and the aftermath of war (“Now in darkness, world stops turning/Ashes where their bodies burning/No more war pigs have the power”).

  7. A)I would describe this song as rock n roll song that perfectly describes a society where the people in the society are forced to listen to the people in power.Instruments used in this song are vocals, guitars,drum,and a bass.The music is not slow but not fast and has a high pitch to it.

    B)The theme in this song is that the people in power don’t have the same troubles as those not in power.They leave that role to the poor Time will tell them they are powered minds Making war just for fun summarizes this song perfectly because it shows what the song is about.

    C)In a movie i would pick a scene where the people find out that they don’t know the person that leads them.

    D)I would pick the scene where the animals find out that the pigs didn’t make their life better.

    E)Revolution by the Beatles would be a perfect fit for animals because it describes how the pigs seduced the animals into making them leaders.

  8. A) The music in “WAR PIGS” was a hardcore rock song. They were playing strong notes in this song. The instruments used in this song was a electric guitar, snare drum, the ride cymbal, crash crash cymbal, and tom tom. The vocals were very high pitch and serious!

    B)“Politicians hide themselves away.”
    “They only started the war.”
    “Why should they go out to fight?”
    “They leave that rule to the poor!”

    These lyrical quotes means that Politicians started tragic events to create a fight that they started to leave into poor peoples lives so they can fight for them. I feel as if their being unfair because they feel they can do anything as a politician! They want other people to fight for what they started but won’t stand up for their own fight.

    C) I would choose Grown Woman by Beyonce as the song to pair with War Pigs. I would use this with song with the scene when the pig where tricking the other animals into using fake rule the pigs made.

    D)In Animal Farm, The pigs would change the commandments. This remember me of war pigs because changing commands is like brainwashing or taking over. The pig would change the rules themselves to trick the other animal to break the Seven Commandments because they wanted authority of the farm. (PAGE 43) and (PAGE 79)

  9. A.)The song War Pigs is good. It talks about war and politics.The instruments used in the song War Pigs is electric guitar. The vocals are loud there is one lead singer. He sings sometimes but he mostly screams.The genre is rock and roll. I have never heard a song like this before.
    B.) The theme of the lyrical content is that war destroys all.”Evil minds that plot destruction”.It means that the armies are making plans on how to win the war for there country. Another line is “They leave that role to the poor”.This means that the upper class just hide away and the working class has to learn how to use weapons to win the war for the country.The last line I choice is “Politicians hide themselves away.They only start this war”. I think this means that the Politicians make the war happen yet they do nothing and the poor do everything.
    C.)The scene the song War Pigs would be is someone plotting a plan to maybe steal something from the museum.
    D.) The scene that I think War Pigs would fit into for Animal Farm is pg.30. I think this song would fit well here because they talk about overthrowing man and its the Old Majors idea and he is a pig. Later in the book the pigs do nothing and all the other animals do everything. In the song they talk about the politicians hid away just like the pigs.
    E.) The song that I think can be connected with Animal farm is Eye of the Tiger. The instruments used in the song are guitars,drums,and vocal. The genre is hard rock.The message in the song is if you set something then just go for it. That is what the animals do in Animal Farm.

  10. claudia oliver
    A) The type of music in this song is hard rock/metal type, most of the instuments is guitar, bass, drums, and very little singing.
    B) “making war just for fun”- this line means that much of war that is created by humans isnt necessary, and is created as if it was for fun. “day of judgement God is calling, on their knees war pigs crawling begging mercy for their sins”- this line means that when God “judges” them God will be disapointed because they have made so much war for nothing so there crawling for forgiveness to show how sorry they are. “satan laughing spreading his wings” – this line means that satan laughs because the war pigs are going to hell with satan because they have done so much wrong satan laughs at them.
    C) If i had to pair this song with a movie scene i would put it with a movie that at the moment is all about war and then they show a picture of all the war pigs smiling and all the people are in miserable times because of war.
    D) On page 42 i have found that the pigs have decided and announced that because the owner died , the pigs where now in charge and in control, this realtes to the song War Pigs because the pigs decided a decision that was everyones vote.
    E)If i had to choose a song with a scene in Animal Farm it would be page 127 because it talks about remembering the animals who died such as muriel, bluebell, jessie, pincher and the song i would choose for this scene is summertime sadness because the songs about sadness and remembering dead animals is sad.

  11. A) This song “War Pigs” is a Rock/ Heavy Metal song. I think that the drums and guitar was used in the song. The vocals was loud and screechy. The song is loud and screechy. The songs genre is Rock/ Heavy Metal. The song uses drums and guitars.
    B) The theme of the song is about politicians starting war, but the poor having to go and fight the war.” Politicians hide themselves away” this line says how politicians started the war but, wont fight in it.” They leave the role to the poor” this line says how politicians started the war but, make the poor fight in it.” Making war just for fun” this line says how politicians don’t care bout making people go fight in war because it’s not them fighting in it.
    C) I would add this soundtrack in a scene where two sides are about to clash with one another. (Like the 300 movie)
    D) I found a connection on page 35. The connection is between the pigs in Animal Farm and the politicians in War Pigs. The Pigs are not doing any work and are bossing the other animals around. The politicians started war, but don’t care because the politicians had the poor fight the war for them.
    E) Revolution by: The Beatles
    The song explains how people want to change the world and people have to try there best to contribute in it.

  12. A)The music used in war pigs is really wild and energetic. The instruments that are being used are drums, electric guitar, and symbols. The vocals are high and low at the same time. The song in general is a little bit too much for me to handle. This song genre is rock.

    B)The theme of the song is that the big day is coming for all evil people. More likely its revenge being brought back to the world.
    Lines: “As the war machine keeps turning Death and hatred to mankind”
    “Poisoning their brainwashed minds, oh lord yeah! ” and “Treating people just like pawns in chess Wait ’till their Judgment Day comes, yeah!” This is explaining how THE BIG DAY IS COMMING.

    C)The scene will be a person walking up playing with their weapon after killing the bad guy in victory (the song will start with just the beat). Then the movie would be done and the song will start again when the credits happen.

    D)PAGES 57-60
    The connection between the song and pages are both wild and so much things are happening .

    E)Greek Fire-Top of the word
    The tone of the song is wild and explains the victory and feeling on top of the world and feeling invincible.

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