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The Mobility Myth

Mobility Myth

Although it is exceedingly reductive to describe the United States as having a single core value, many believe the conflation of hard work and success to be particularly American. After all, the loose definition of the American Dream is that all citizens have the opportunity to live freely and climb the socioeconomic ranks. However, this ideal is often criticized as being far more dream than reality.

James Surowiecki’s The Mobility Myth explores the idea that upward mobility hasn’t decreased in the past few decades, and that this is even more depressing upon further investigation.

Patton Oswalt and the Epic Pale Whale Fail!

Patton Oswalt on Moby Dick

Patton Oswalt has been many things — cast member of The King of Queens, a cartoon rat, and a television narrator amongst them. However, he is also an avid literary enthusiast, studying literature and college and often working allusions into his standup comedy routines.

So how is it that someone who has read (and written!) as much as Oswalt has never read all of Moby-Dick? Let’s check out an NPR feature that sees the comedian explaining his conflicted admiration for Melville’s masterpiece!