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Mice? Men? Freshmen?!

John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men has more than secured itself a station as one of the most celebrated works of all American literature. By combining tremendous imagery of the natural world with a narrative grappling with the influence that circumstances, aspirations, and grim reality have on our lives, Steinbeck has crafted a work that you’ll not soon forget.

Prepare yourselves for a life-changing literary experience!

Speakin’ and Writin’ Correct(ly)

A complaint nearly guaranteed to be heard in the Freshman English classes is that grammar isn’t important. The argument often takes some form of, “Does this even matter? Can’t I just write the way I write? What’s the big deal?”

Check out the above video consider the ways in which we follow/ignore certain rules of spelling and pronunciation. Although languages are constantly evolving, nebulous entities, how are those who can operate with a set of conventions empowered?

In short — having a solid understanding of grammatical conventions puts you in a better position to express yourself clearly. And isn’t that the whole point of communication? (Answer: Yes.)