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Supertramp’s Death is Krakauer’s Life (G-Block)


While reading INTO THE WILD, one is all but bound to come to the realization that Jon Krakauer takes extreme interest in his subject. After all, not only does Krakauer paint McCandless as an idealist who actually followed his dreams, but he also draws parallels between their lives. For better or worse, the author does very little to obfuscate his bias.

However, we must ask ourselves whether Krakauer’s interest is more appropriately labeled fascination or obsession. To do this, we are going to read an article about Chris McCandless that he published just last month (September 2013)!

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To Build Supertramp (Read Jack London)

To Build a Fire

In Krakauer’s Into the Wild, Chris McCandless is depicted as a multifaceted individual — idealist, reckless youth, aspirant, and scholar of existence. Although a multitude of factors contributed to McCandless’ perspective, Krakauer makes sure to honor the fact that his subject was an avid reader.

One of the greatest sources of inspiration for the force known as Alexander Supertramp was the work of Jack London. As a naturalist interested in the conflict between Man and his surroundings, London crafted pieces that explore what happens when an individual is thrust into survivalist situations. Needless to say, McCandless enjoyed these writings.

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